Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31, 2007

Tomorrow morning is Ben's surgery to remove the mole from his cheek. I was watching him play today, thinking he has no idea what is going to happen to him tomorrow. I feel bad for him, that he has to go through this, even though I know it is for the best. It makes me sad and I will be glad to get it over with. We have been praying about it and for Ben and that there will be no issues with the surgery and that the scar will be very small, etc., for a while now. It's hard to believe it's already here. Time sure is flying by these days (these days, with children keeping me busier than I ever imagined I would be:).
We have to be at the hospital at 6:00am. I think the surgery starts at 7:00am, although I'm not sure if that's when they start preping him for surgery or if that is when the actual surgery starts. They said the actual surgery should only take about 10 or 12 minutes. They will first give him some gas to put him out and then they will insert his IV and intubate him and all that stuff.

The doctor said that the hardest part for Ben will be when he is coming out of the anesthesia. He said that toddlers of this age always have a hard time with that, because they are confused and don't like the feeling. From what I have heard, when he very first starts waking up, we may not be with him, which is a bummer. Hopefully we will be with him very soon after and he probably won't remember much of it anyway, until he is more awake.

My sister and mom are on their way here now. They are going to spend the night with us and take care of Nick while we are at the hospital tomorrow. I am so very thankful that we live so close to them, that my mom is doing better and that they are able to be with Nick while we are gone. I think Nick will be a bit uneasy because he has never been left by himself before. He has never been away from mommy, daddy and Ben, all at the same time before. He should do well with my sister and mom though. He knows them very well and feels very comfortable around them. He frequently asks about them when they are not here. He loves spending time with them and my sister is wonderful at playing with kids and entertaining them. She will make sure he is kept very busy, I'm sure. I still hate it that I won't be here when he wakes up. After my hospital adventure, I worry that he will think that I will be away for a long time again. I know I just have to turn this over to God and not worry or be anxious about it and everything will be fine.

I am thinking that the doctor said something about 10:00....maybe that we would be done around that time or something. I could be wrong though. I will be glad to get it over with....did I say that once already?

Have I told you how much I love these two little guys? They are growing up way too fast. I think we will be dressing them up in their little costumes and taking them trick-or-treating to a couple of nearby houses this evening. It will be fun.


ChandraJoy said...

I'll be keeping everyone in my prayers. I'm so glad aunt Kathy and grandma can be there.

Lauri said...

Roasting seeds is the best...just soak them in water and then strain them ( get all they gook off of them) and put them on a shallow cookie sheet. Bake em ( 400 degree oven) until they are crispy when you bite into one, you will be able to tell if they are done by tasting them... if they are soft & chewy bake em longer. Turn them often, and salt and srinkle with a little water to help the salt stick to the seeds ( we like them salty). Watch them close while they bake

That is how I do it.....

I hope all goes well with your Little Mans surgery... I wish him a speedy recovery.. toddlers bounce back so quickly
Happy Halloween

kate said...

I've been gone a few days and didn't even recognize your blog! Cool new look.

Lauri's method is spot on! My class LOVED the seeds I roasted from the pumpkins we gutted. (The pumpkin will be pie at Thanksgiving.) I like to toss mine with a *little smidge* of either olive or sunflower oil before I bake them. I use a cooler oven and toast them longer. Sometimes you can hear them start to pop open when they're finishing up.