Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18, 2007

Here are pictures from our recent trip to Arizona.

Here is Aunt D with the boys. She was really great with them and they enjoyed her so much. She kept them one day, while the husband and I ran a couple of errands. They didn't cry when we left or when we returned. Aunt D kept them busy when we were gone, taking them outside for a walk and playing in the back of her truck. They were happy little clams, which was wonderful.

Here is a picture of Ben, looking at Aunt D's albino dove. She has had this bird for umpteen years (can't remember exactly how long but it is something like 13 or 17 years). This is a very sweet bird and Ben loved putting his finger in the cage and letting the bird peck him. She has two other birds, a love bird and a parakeet.

Here is Nick, trying to give the kitten a kiss. This kitten is absolutely adorable. It is a Ragdoll kitten and will get very large. We all had fun watching the kitty's antics.

Nick, playing with the balloons that Aunt D put up for the birthday party. We had just given the boys a bath, which is why Nick's hair looks is.

Nick and Ben, blowing out their candle. It took them a little while. Neither of them had enough air coming out of their mouth to make it that far. I think Ben finally blew it out.

As soon as they blew out the candle, Nick pinched the top of it and Ben clapped. Nick was very fascinated with the lit candle.

Photo op. Aunt D taught the boys how to smile for the camera:), hence the fingers in the cheeks. They were too funny.

Opening gifts. After the birthday party we had at my sister's house, the boys completely understand the idea of presents and opening gifts. No help required. They are opening Veggie Tales DVDs, which will come in handy the next time we cut hair or make a long road trip.

These are the made-for-travel aqua doodles that Aunt D got for the boys. They love them and so do we. The pen is filled with water and it has a wick-type thing for the tip, which allows just a bit of water to come out at a time when they are writing. The marks on the page evaporate over a short amount to time. These are wonderful, no-mess writing pads, great for travel and also around the house. I saw Nick trying to write on the floor with the "pen" yesterday and I just smiled:). The hardest part is keeping track of the pens. Nick put one under the rug the other day but I was watching.

We didn't do any sight-seeing while we were in Arizona on this trip. It was a trip to visit with friends and family. When the boys are a bit older, we will head up to the Grand Canyon, as I have yet to see it and have always wanted to.

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful Fall day today in Oklahoma. I love the Fall season!

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