Monday, November 08, 2010

November 8, 2010

I am overdue for posting more pics. I meant to take some today but did not have time so I will try to do so tomorrow and post them soon.

Monday we had a very long meeting with the builder and electricians to go through the house and decide where all fixtures and switches go. It took quite a long time but I am glad we have that finished. Tuesday we had a long meeting, but not as long as Monday's, to go through the house and discuss all of the cabinets.

Today I took our friend and real estate agent (the one who, with her husband, sold our old house and found us this rental we are in now) up to the house and she had some good suggestions. I also went to a local store and finalized our selection of the tub that will be in the master bath. We will hopefully finalize our selection of appliances on Friday. Earlier this week, we also (finally) finalized our decision on the fireplace that will go in the living room. I am soooo glad to have that one finished.

They have had people out to clean up the work site and it was really looking much better today. The house is very close to being dried in. There are some very large windows that go up high in the living room and the screened in porch that are suppose to go in this week and the front door is suppose to go in this week too, I think. After that, I think we will be dried in.

The electricians have already started putting in the electrical stuff in the house. Between this week and next week, they are suppose to have all of the electrical, heating and air and the plumbing all in. After that is inspected, they will be ready to spray in the insulation and then will come the dry wall. We still have the dead trees laying all over the place, although a huge portion of them have been cut up into firewood and taken away by several different people. I think they will be taking out the large tree root balls and all remaining tree remains either this week or next. I think after that they will be ready to start working on the stone and stucco for the exterior.

I am exhausted. All I do these days is go go go. I am craving a day or two of just staying home but that will not be happening any time soon. I think the boys are feeling it too as they have really been at each other lately. Nick's birthday is this week so he is very excited to be 5 like Ben. He is already having a fun birthday week, as we had to celebrate early because the dad will be working on the true day. But my mom and sister will be coming to celebrate and my sister is bringing one of her absolutely wonderful homemade apple pies, so I am really looking forward to that:).
The boys had personal safety day at their swimming lessons on Tuesday. They had to wear jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt on top of their swim suit. I thought they would have this safety lesson thing at the beginning of the lesson and then they would take off the jeans and shirt and continue on with their swim suits. They did do a good safety lesson at the beginning but then they had them do their entire lesson while wearing the jeans and T-shirt. They really struggled to swim in those clothes.

That's it for today. I'm exhausted and need to go to sleep. I will post more pics later this week.