Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10, 2007 Part 3

Yesterday I was cleaning up in the kitchen and the boys were playing in the living room with the Jo Jo the Clown doll. The clown said "let's wave hello" and I heard Nick say "hewo" and then it says "let's stretch reeeeaaaaal high and I saw Nick stretching his arms up as high as he can.
I was playing with the boys with the puzzles Ben got for his birthday. These puzzles are great for helping them learn their shapes. I asked Ben "where does the oval go" or something like that. I laughed as he looked under the table. This is another Melissa and Doug toy, made in the U.S.A. It comes with 5 of the puzzles seen in this picture but there are puzzles on both sides so there are really 10 puzzles in all, along with triangles, rectangles, squares, ovals and circles. They can do them all very well but they have a bit more difficulty with the triangles.

When we were in Tucson at Aunt D's house (my husband's sister), she had this very large spider hanging in her entry way (pictured). When you clapped your hands, it would suddenly and quickly drop down on a string and then it would slowly climb it's way back up. The boys really loved this thing, especially Ben. He was just a little scared of it so he wouldn't go into the entry way (this is a rare shot of him actually in the entry way, watching the spider climb back up but he didn't do this often) but would peak around the corner at it and then clap his hands, watch it fall and then he would run away, clapping his hands and yelling "spider" "spider" "spider". The funny thing is that his pronunciation of spider was more like "bobby", so it sounded more like "bobby" "bobby" "bobby", all while he was clapping and laughing. We would tell Ben, "say spi" and he would say "pi" and then we would say "say der" and he would say "de" and then we would say "say spider" and he would say "bobby", and he would say it really quickly. It was so funny. He was so into this thing that he would do this over and over and over again....and he got as much joy and laughter out of doing it the 55th time as he did the very first time. It was very funny to watch.

But then, another funny thing was that, at the Dallas/Ft Worth airport, we were sitting in an eating area and the boys kept saying "bobby" "bobby", over and over again and they kept clapping their hands. Finally, I noticed and said "where?", "where is the spider?". They both pointed up. On the second floor, there was another eating area and above the entrance was this very large, round, black ball-looking thing and there were these lines coming out away from it (looked like spider legs), all the way around it. It was just a decoration and was definitely not a spider but I could see how it looked like one to them. They were clapping their hands because they thought it would drop on the string, like the spider at Aunt D's:). It was quite funny.

Gotta run. Nap time is over. More to come about our trip.


ChandraJoy said...

Wow, looks like you all have had a busy couple of days! I love the new pictures. I need to get mine off my camera and put some up. Dad has been keeping me updated on grandma, I'm really sad to hear that she is having such a rough time right now. We are going down this weekend and I pray that she is well enough for her to see her.

Be Inspired Always said...

Looks like a busy couple of days. I'm new to your blog and it's nice to meet you.