Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19, 2007

The husband left this morning for Vancouver so the boys and I are on our own until Tuesday evening. Today went very well. The boys have been behaving much better these days, mostly because I have been behaving much better these days:). I have been doing a lot more praying lately and it definitely changes my attitude for the better, not surprisingly.

We are all having a lot of fun together and they really played well together today. At one point when they were playing together, Nick was laughing really hard...that full, belly laugh that is so funny. I was laughing at him laughing but I was busy preparing lunch for them so I'm not sure what he and Ben were doing that was so funny.

They are becoming more physical and are spending more time jumping and climbing. One of their favorite things to do now is to climb on top of the large ottoman / coffee table, lay on their bellies and then use their hands/arms to kind of crawl/slide off head first. They get such a kick out of this and they love to do it over and over.

Another thing I have noticed is that, sometimes, they tend to play something for a longer periods of time and are less likely to trash the house with all of their toys. Sometimes, not all the time.

Another good thing is that they are really getting very good at helping to pick up their toys. We all chip in and we are done in just a few minutes, which always surprises me, considering how messy it looks when we start.

I took the boys to two stores today, looking for something specific for their lifebooks. I'm working on them again and I really made some good progress today. I had the boys in their stroller in the first store and they got restless and started whining pretty quickly.

Ben, in particular, has no patience for shopping whatsoever, regardless if it is the grocery store or any other kind of store. He frequently can be heard saying "bye bye?" "bye bye?" (it gets louder and whinier the more he says it), as we are shopping, clearly indicating that he is ready to go. Oh, and bye bye now sounds like bye bye, rather than die die, which is the way they used to say it:).

In the second store we went to, I put them in a cart. As soon as we entered through the door of the store, Ben started crying and pointing back towards the door. He wanted to go back out and he was crying as if someone had really hurt his feelings, rather than the angry kind of cry. It was downright sad. I never found what I was looking for but I ended up buying $23 of scrap booking stuff anyway. They have some of the cutest things. I am much better off staying out of those stores, which is my usual practice.

So our first day without daddy went well, although we miss him, of course. I am wondering if they will start misbehaving more when they really start missing their dad. We'll see. I am trying to make sure our days are full, busy and interesting and also that I spend a lot of time playing and reading to them. And hopefully I can also finish more pages in their lifebooks.

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MMrussianadoption said...

good luck with the kiddos and your sanity. I am dreading when my dh goes away on business. I need my breaks. Your first day seems to have gone well though. Yea, one down and a few more to go.