Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007

The boys had their two-year check up this morning and it went very well. The three of us also got our flu shots. This is my second year to get one. Last year was my first year to get a flu shot and it was also the first year that I ever got the flu, funny enough. My doctor said I should get the shot though because my lung is probably still not 100% recovered from the pneumonia I had recently. If I get the flu again this year, I'm not going to be too excited about taking that shot again.

I was changing Nick's diaper, in preparation for nap time, and he suddenly started crying very hard, as if he was in pain. I asked him what was wrong and, at some point, he started saying "knee, knee" and pointing to his right knee. When he got up and started walking around, he would fall down, every time he put weight on his right leg. He was no longer crying about it but seemed a bit confused and kind of thought it was half-funny. After a while, he was bearing more weight on it, although keeping it more bent at the knee than normal and limping quite badly and falling into things.

We went upstairs for nap time and he wanted to walk up the stairs holding the hand rail, which is the fun thing to do lately, although he can barely reach it well enough. He tried it for maybe one or two steps and realized he could not do it and wanted me to carry him up. Just outside the door to his room, he said "walk" so I put him down and he limped into his room.

I am anxious to see how he is when he wakes up. Before changing his diaper, he and Ben had started fighting over a toy and he was trying to hit Ben on the head. So I pick him up and sat him in a nearby chair and talked to him about not hitting. He kept saying "car" because he wanted to get back down and play again but he had a dirty diaper so I told him we needed to change his diaper and I carried him to the living room. He was kicking his legs as I carried him but then he got down and ran over to get a book out of the book basket and then climbed up on the large ottoman for his diaper change. He seemed perfectly fine until, all of a sudden, he started crying and was clearly in pain. Hopefully he will be all better when he wakes up.

The duct tape on the diaper has not failed us so far. As hard as it is for us to remove, I seriously doubt the little guys are going to find a way to take their diapers off again, although they still enjoy removing their clothing. The bummer of that is that we have to keep it warmer upstairs, which dries out sinuses and noses and stuff, while they are sleeping. It would be nice if I could find some PJ's that they cannot remove. I will be going out shopping for them soon. If you know of any good brands that are difficult for them to take off, let me know.

The duct tape usage saga continues. The pair of slippers that are more loose kept falling off. I had tried to use duct tape to hold some folded kleenex in the heel of the slippers, to make them fit more snugly but it just kept coming out. I ended up using duct tape to make a strap and then I taped the strap across the slipper, where it opens for the foot. Now we can still slip their foot in, under the strap, but the strap keeps the slipper from falling off. The slippers now look like very strange ballet slippers:). It is funny looking but it is working. The next time I have some time to run by Toys R Us, I will pick up another pair of the slippers that fit more snugly. Until then, the strange ballet version will have to do.

We are also still struggling with the slipperiness of the slippers, as the stuff that I taped to the bottoms fall off after a period of time. For now, I just keep taping it back on. I may ended up just making my own slippers, completely out of duct tape:). (just kidding)


Anonymous said...

Hi. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I've been reading for a while. Have you considered sleepers that zip up the front? I used to cut the feet off of the sleepers and put the sleepers on the kids backwards. The kids couldn't unzip them as the zipper was then in the back.

Lea said...

I recently bought them some new footie PJ's that zip up the front and am planning to return them because they were not quite big enough. The boys also immediately started unzipping them. Cutting the feet off and putting them on backwards is not a bad idea, although I do worry about their feet getting cold and they won't leave socks on either. But that's still better than sleeping without PJ's. I may have to resort to that. Thanks!