Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007

Today is the husband's birthday! YAY!!!! AND he comes home today! YAY!! He was not scheduled to arrive until around 10:30 pm, or something like that, but was able to change his flight and will now be arriving around 3:30 pm-ish. YAY!!

We have really missed him and can't wait to have him back....although I have been a bit lax about cooking while he has been away, which I have enjoyed:). I still prepared meals for us, of course, but they were easier and faster meals with no prep work required (soup out of the can, frozen chicken pot pies, etc.). The boys never complained though and I did some house cleaning and completed several lifebook pages so the week was not a total wash.

As for the husband's birthday, he is the HARDEST person to find a gift for of anyone I have ever known. He enjoys reading but hardly ever has time and, when he does have time to read, he spends it reading his medical magazines or an occasional article in one of our other magazines. The only times I have seen him really reading novels was when we were on our honeymoon and during our trips to Russia and, even then, he took along medical literature to read also (not on our honeymoon, just on the trips to Russia;).

He is not crazy about music; neither of us are the ipod type. We typically listen to one of the local Christian radio stations and children's music. Recently we have started listening to famous composers, such as Mozart, during dinner. The friends we stayed with in Arizona do this and we really enjoyed it when we were visiting them. It makes for a very peaceful and relaxing meal.

He enjoys working out, swimming at the health club, riding his bike and lifting weights. I have already gifted him everything I can think of in this department. He has asked for a nice stop watch but I know him well enough to know that he will have to pick it out himself....it's either that or I pick it out, he sends it back and picks out the one he really wanted. He has also wanted a new briefcase (I think that was last year) but, there again, he has to pick that out too.

He enjoys doing projects around the house, fixing things up, repairs, etc. I can't think of anything he needs in this regards.

He is very tall with long arms, so buying off the rack clothing is a challenge and, frankly, he does not need more clothes at this time. I tried this last Christmas and everything I bought had to be returned.

So, I bought him a really neat picture frame, for a picture of the boys, although I don't have a good picture of the two of them together to put into it yet. It is really getting hard to take their picture these days. I really like the candid pics but they are not as easy to sneak up on and, as soon as they see the camera, they run up to me, wanting to see the pictures I have taken. They are really NOT into posing for a picture at all. I tried to get them to sit on the couch together yesterday but it was just not happening. I'm sure I will get one eventually. For now, I put a picture of Dancer and Zoe into the frame:). (those are our cats:).

I already did the picture-of-the-boys-in-a-nice-frame thing for father's day. He loved it but I'm sure it's going to get old very fast. I've told him to make a list of things he would like to have so I could pick something off of the list and surprise him (sort of) and he intended to do this but has not. So, he's getting another picture frame. Hopefully he won't read this while he is at the Denver airport between flights today. In case he does, Honey, you are getting another picture frame:). Love ya!

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