Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29, 2007 Part 2

Here are the pictures I tried to upload the other day.

The house shoes. Now that they are no longer new, they are no longer very interesting. They have not worn them in days.

But I still must document my creative use of duct tape, for the record. Do you see the strap made of duct tape, holding the feet in the blue slippers?

I was trying to get the boys to pose for a birthday picture for dad, to put in his new frame, with their hands in the "praying" position. They noticed this in a book recently and I explained it to them so they have been doing it lately when we pray. But it was a no-go, for the picture posing effort. Regardless of that, take a look at the bottom of N's house shoes, for another example of my creative use of duct tape.

Now that the fascination with the house shoes is over, we start the fascination with the hats. I bought the boys their winter coats on Friday and these hats came with the coats.

The hat thing really cracked me up so I took a number of pictures of them, playing while wearing the hats. Ben got tired of his and had taken it off.

Isn't this just too funny!

They really enjoy playing with these aqua doodle toys that their Aunt D got them for their birthdays. They play with them every day. Now they are asking me to write letters on them. We are working on letters A through F now.

When Ben saw that I was interested in taking pictures of the hat, he put his back on.

Unfortunately, this picture is a bit unfocused and is pretty blurry when enlarged. But it is just too cute so I had to include it anyway.

Another one of Ben. Notice the mole on his cheek. It will be gone on Thursday morning.

Here is the pumpkin the dad carved. He did a great job. Next time, I will have to take pictures of the action. The boys really like the face, especially when it is lit. Unfortunately the light burnt out so we will have to buy a new one. We are using one of our night lights:). Don't mind the bit of purple in pumpky's face.

Another picture of Ben. It looks like he is whistling. The boys both got hair cuts on Saturday evening and I got mine cut on Sunday morning, so we are all sporting new do's. The dad cut them all so it was free:)! He is really doing a great job on the boys' hair cuts these days. He has learned how to do it where it looks like it was done by a pro. He has been cutting my hair since before we were married. He always does a great job on mine and I love it that I am not paying someone $50, or whatever the going rate is, to cut it these days.

And one last picture of Nick, poking his face as Aunt D taught him to when he smiles. They are such cutie pootie's but I was ready to clobber them this morning. It seems like behavior is a challenge on Mondays.

I have tried to post pictures just the way I want them but I really cannot figure out how blogger decides to put them up. It seems that there is no method to the madness.

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