Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29, 2007

On Friday Nick came into the kitchen, carrying a Mega-Blocks creation he had made, and told me "umbrella". It actually looked more like a large "T" but I thought it was pretty creative for a less than 2-year-old child and he was very excited about how he thought it looked like an umbrella. The dad drove up right around that time so Nick proudly showed him the umbrella too.
Last night we were reading bedtime stories and Ben very clearly said "night night bear". I think we are very close to starting two or three word sentences around here and pronunciation is improving rapidly. Did I mention that we had our last visit from SoonerStart? We ended our participation in the program because the boys are on track and we didn't want to use free state services that we don't need. I thank the Lord, frequently, that they are doing as well as they are. What a blessing!

We left the boys in their class yesterday morning at church and they cried as usual. We stepped around the corner to listen and they stopped very quickly. I think they are actually very comfortable in that class. They were playing happily when we returned.

We were asked to help out in the class during the second hour so we did that, rather than attend the church service. We had four children, in addition to our two. Our two boys and one other girl were about the same age and the other three were a bit younger. The youngest was a little 18 month old, spunky girl and there were three boys and three girls, including ours. It was fun to play with all of them and see their different personalities.

When I was out and about the other day, I heard someone say "boys are wild". I thought, "no they're not. My boys are not wild". Of course, we don't have little girls in our house so we are more used to little boys and cannot make a good comparison. After watching their class at church, I must admit that our boys were a bit more "wild" than the little girls or even the younger boy in the class. It was somewhat of a revelation to us. I don't mean wild in a bad way though. I think they are pretty well behaved, most of the time. Just that they made a bit more noise (truck noises when pushing the trucks and buses around) and they enjoyed knocking down blocks more than building them up...that sort of stuff.

I love their boy noises and "wildness". I am happy to say that I have even gotten to a point where I enjoy their messes, most of the time anyway. I enjoy seeing their toys scattered around the house. It is now part of our routine to pick up and clean up before nap time and bed time so I no longer stress about it. They are so good about helping. Ben was even helping us to clean up their classroom without us even asking him. It was very sweet.

I think I also forgot to mention that we had a nice visit from some friends the other day. You regulars may remember me talking about another family, who lives within a couple of miles from us, who were also adopting two boys from Volgograd, Russia. She brought her two boys over for a visit and they are simply adorable. They are both kindergarten age and have been here for about 4 months now. They are doing so well, it was amazing to see. They are picking up the language very quickly. They are both happy little guys and seem to have no serious attachment issues....lots of great eye contact, loved hugs and affection from their mom, etc. It was so nice to see and very nice to meet them. My two enjoyed watching them play, playing along with them and following and imitating them. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them in the future.

Big events this week are their dentist appointment tomorrow and Ben's surgery on Thursday morning. I talked to the receptionist at the dentist office, asking how they do what they do for first time, 2-year-old visitors. She said that someone will come to the waiting room and call their names and, if they will walk back there and do it by themselves, I can wait in the waiting room. (yeah, right) If not, I can go back with them and then, if they seem to be doing well, I can go back to the waiting room to wait. (yeah, right) If not, I can stay with them.

She said they don't really pressure them to do anything on their first visit. They just want it to be a good experience. I will be shocked if either of them will even sit in the chair without a bit of pressure. I would have thought they would have the child sit in mom's lap in the chair, on the first visit, if the child would not get in the chair alone. We'll see how it goes. Maybe they will surprise me. (yeah, right)

That's all for now but I will try to post the pictures today during nap time.


MMrussianadoption said...

wow, at our dentist the kids sit on our laps in the chair and we hold them. Hope all goes well with the surgery.

musicmommy3 said...

I have 3 boys and they are WILD!

Wild does not always mean poorly behaved. (though it can)

Look at beautiful stallions running in a field. They are wild, powerful, and beautiful but they sure act different than other horses.

Sometimes I get so irritated with something and my husband will smile and say, "Honey, they're just boys."
My brother was a bit quieter so I didn't know. LOL

Glad that you figured out a diaper trick. We only had one incident where the boys took off their diapers (together) and made a HUGE mess. That was because they not only took off their diapers, they got into the diaper Genie and ripped open other poopie diapers as well. Talk about NASTY! They had smeared poop on the bed, walls,carpet. UGH! Thankfully they NEVER did it again. :) Good luck with that one! You're a smart woman with the duct tape!