Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24, 2007

My husband came home yesterday and was surprised at all of the ways I have been using duct tape while he was gone. After hearing the story of what happened yesterday, he came up with a new way to use duct tape:).

Yesterday, my mom and sister came to visit, which was wonderful and we all enjoyed it so much. Mom was looking so much better, although her energy level is still very low and she is a bit slow in getting around. My sister had played with the boys for quite a while, we had had lunch and we took them upstairs to put them down for their naps.

They played and played and played....which should have been a huge clue to me, since they really should have been very tired. At some point, I decided I should go up and check on them, since maybe one of them had a poopy diaper that was keeping him awake. They had probably been upstairs about 20 minutes or so at this time.

It was very dark in their room but, when I walked in, I could see something that did not quite fit in, laying in Nick's crib. I turned on the light to see both boys sitting in their cribs without their pants or diapers. Nick had pooped and it was all over his sheet and both boys had peed on their sheets also. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

I am very thankful that Nick at least stayed out of the poop. He had not played with it or even touched it at all, which was a relief. The clean up was pretty quick actually, so that was good. I put their diapers on, backwards this time, and put them back down for their nap.

I had not been putting their diapers on backwards because it seemed they were not doing the remove-the-diaper thing anymore, even though they continued to take off their shorts at times. I will now be taking more precautions every time they go to sleep.

When we were getting them ready for bed last night, I realized there is not as much padding in the back of the diapers as in the front. Knowing this would not be ideal for nighttime, especially when they are already wetting through their diapers on a fairly regular basis, we decided we needed a different approach. My husband suggested duct tape so we gave that a try. We taped their diapers from one hip to the other, past the tabs on each side and across the front, with one long piece of tape. Hopefully it won't be too hard to get them out of their diapers this morning but it will be hard enough to keep them from taking them off.

I have heard them stirring this morning so I'm sure they will be up soon and I will find out how well it worked. Has anyone else had these kinds of issues? I'm sure that having two in the same room contributes to the mischief but they love being together so much that I don't want to separate them. I know of a mom who has twins girls who went through this and she had to clean up a couple of really bad messes, where they had played in it:(. Yuck. Hopefully we have nipped this in the bud.


kate said...

did it work?

Lea said...

Hi Kate. Yep, it worked:). N had taken off his pants and was trying to put them back on but all diapers were intact. We had a challenge getting their diapers off ourselves. So, next time, we will use a bit less duct tape, just enough to cover the tabs, I think.