Sunday, October 21, 2007

October 21, 2007

We use duct tape much more often now that we have children. Just today I used it for taping some rubbery stuff to the bottoms of the boys' slippers and also to the front wheel of the new, small big-wheel toy that I bought yesterday with birthday money from my brother. I also mentioned in an earlier post how I used duct tape for fixing noisy toys. It really is a multi-purpose product and I would be lost without it:).

The boys have yet to learn how to pedal their tricycles. I'm not sure what age kids normally learn this. Granted, they have not had a whole lot of opportunity to practice, which is why I used some of their birthday money to purchase the small big-wheel toy for the house. Plus, they have one ride on toy and I thought they would have more fun if they both had something to ride. Now if they could just learn to pedal.

I had enough birthday money left over to buy the boys some slippers. Once we got home and I had put together the small big-wheel (which was a feat in and of itself), it became clear very quickly that we had a traction problem with the wood floors. One would think that all of the dirt on the floors would help with the traction but I guess not (just kidding - the floors are not that dirty but I do need to sweep:). The boys were slipping and sliding in their new little slippers, despite the little (very little) plastic dots on the bottoms that are meant to prevent slipping and sliding. Also with the small big-wheel toy, even if they got lucky and happened to push the pedals correctly or if I was helping them do it, they would be sitting still with the front wheel spinning on the floor, which gave very little incentive to try using the pedals again.

After some thought about this traction problem and a trip to the grocery store for much needed groceries, I had my solution. I bought some non-slip, non-stick shelf lining. You know, that rubbery stuff that you cut to size and lay on the shelf and you don't need sticky stuff for it to stay in place. I cut it to size and used the duct tape to make it stay in place. Now we have non-slipping, non-sliding slippers and the front wheel of the small big-wheel is also non-slipping and non-sliding. Thank you duct tape. Now I just have to get them to try pedaling again.

Day three without the husband and we are all missing him but we are doing pretty well. Yesterday afternoon, I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold, or it may just be allergies acting up again. Either way, I was feeling a bit under the weather so it was more of a challenge for me to be patient and fun. We went outside in the afternoon and that helped to pass the time more quickly. Although, I should have skipped bath time yesterday evening, because it was just too much and none of us were happy. But we did bath time and I ended up feeling a bit guilty for being mean mommy yesterday evening.

Things are better today. I still feel a bit under the weather, which is why I went to the grocery store first thing this morning. Experience says I may feel worse as the day wears on, rather than better and we were out of a bunch of stuff. I'm glad I got that over with and I am resting (and typing) during nap time, so I am conserving my energy for this afternoon/evening. I had not planned to go to church today. I vacillated on this a couple of times but I have not been brave enough to take the boys to church without the husband yet. Nobody uses strollers at our church and there are lots of stairs, which makes stroller use difficult at best. I have this fear that one of the boys (or both) would decide to have a melt down and I would have a hard time getting them to where we were going and taking care of them both. I know, they are not getting any smaller and it is probably not going to get easier. I just need to bite the bullet and do it and say a lot of prayers and let God (and other church members, if necessary) help me. Maybe the next time I am on my own I will give it a try. We'll see.

In other news, Ben is now in the mode of asking "bye bye?" every morning after breakfast. If I tell him no, we are not going bye bye, he is very sad. I can't quite figure this out because the only place we have been lately has been to various stores and he really dislikes shopping, as I have mentioned before. We are gradually moving toward an afternoon nap, which is one of the reasons I have been running more errands in the mornings, hence Ben's request to go bye bye every morning.

Ben is also still on the hunt for spiders (or "bibbies", as he says - the first 'i' is pronounced like the 'i' in spiders) and I frequently hear him clapping his hands, while saying "bibby, bibby", because he thinks he sees a spider. Nick will usually join in with the clapping and sometimes with the "bibby" chant, even if he has no idea where the spider is. They are good teammates, those two.

We have several key dates coming up. The Husband's birthday is this week and Nick's birthday is the second week of November. Within the next two weeks, the boys have their two year check up, their first dentist appointment and Ben has surgery to remove the mole on his face.

Also, my mom is feeling better each day. She is definitely not back to normal yet but she continues to improve a bit each day, so that's great news. Her energy level is still low, which she finds frustrating but her appetite is back, which is a good thing because her protein levels have been low. Overall, things are looking up with her recovery. Thanks again for your prayers.

Two more days until the husband is back, and counting (I think I am half way there now...or maybe I am just half way here...something like that:).

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MMrussianadoption said...

Our PT said kids start learning how to pedal at almost 3 years of age. So they have time.