Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

The boys are now really into saying "uh oh" about everything. They drop something and say "uh oh". They shove their milk over on the table (on purpose - thankfully it has a lid and straw) and say "uh oh". They drop food on the floor, sometimes on purpose, and say "uh oh". It is very cute to hear them say this but, I am quickly coming to the point where, when I hear an "uh oh" coming from the other room, I dread to see what I will find when I go to investigate.

The other word that they have picked up on is "ouch", since they have heard me say it a few times. It is amazing how many words they know now. We were looking at a book last night and Nick pointed to a picture of a campfire in the book and said "fire". I was surprised to hear that one. Normally I am the one who knows more of their words and who knows when they learn a new word, since I am with them most of the time. They must have learned that one from their dad.

In other news, things break! Before we left for Arizona, my hair dryer decided to start blowing cold air only. When we returned from Arizona, our air conditioner decided to quit working. It was low on freon and the outside unit was frozen up. Also after we returned from Arizona, the shower in our master bath leaked....badly.

My husband ordered a new hairdryer for me. It is the same brand as the one I had, which I had purchased from the salon I went to when we lived in Houston. It is an expensive hair dryer but they last a long time, since they are designed for salons, and it blows very very hot hair, which I need to keep my hair from being frizzy.

I think I wrote something in an earlier post about taking your hair dryer to Russia. I'm not sure exactly what I said and I don't have time to search for it but I do believe that is what killed my hair dryer....too many trips to foreign countries. The converters will allow the hair dryer to work but the fan does not blow quite fast enough and it eventually takes it's toll on the heating element. So, take a cheapy hair dryer to foreign countries.

We paid an air conditioner company around $470 to come out on a Saturday and fix our air conditioner (rip off). One week later, it quit working again...on a Friday afternoon (the outside unit blew a fuse and now it won't even turn on). So we spent the weekend without an air conditioner on the first floor of our house and we don't have any windows that open on the first floor. Fortunately it was relatively cool outside this weekend. We kept the blinds shut and ran the ceiling fans and we were OK. Hopefully our normal air conditioner guy will make it out here today to help us out.

My husband turned a fan on the tile in our master bath, where the water had soaked it. He re-caulked the shower and we thought we would be able to use it again in a day or two. A week later and we are still taking showers in our guest room bath. The discoloring on the tile, from being soaked underneath ( we have not seen any water; it is underneath the shower / bath tub / floor), continued to spread even though we were not using the shower and we had a fan blowing on the tile. My husband had to take the front panel off of the adjoining garden tub. He soaked up as much water as possible (there was lots of it back in there) and we still have a fan blowing on it. The tile will have to be replaced, as it is permanently stained. We won't be able to match it so we will have to replace all of the tile in the master bath. The good news is we never liked that tile anyway and had talked about replacing it. It has lots of stains and stuff on it. I think it was never sealed properly or something. Hopefully we will be able to start using our shower again soon but I am thankful we have another shower we can use in the meantime. It is kind of funny how several things have broken at the same time.

As for the update on my mom, I was able to go see her yesterday. The boys stayed home with their dad and I was able to go by myself to see my mom. It was so good to see her. I have really missed her because she has not even felt like talking on the phone lately. She got out of the hospital on Friday and she is starting to feel a little bit better, although I think she still has a ways to go before she is back to her old self. She looked a bit frail and I could tell she was really tired when I left. My sister, her two kids and another niece was there for a little while to. It was nice to see everyone. Thanks for your prayers for my mom. She really needed lots of prayer on her behalf and I really appreciate them. It has been hard to see her go through all of this and I am happy that she is done with chemo and is moving towards recovery.

It was especially nice to get to go by myself and take a break from mommy-hood for a bit. I was really needing a break. Last week was really hard. The boys have really been testing a lot since we have been back from Arizona. I have been a bit hormonal myself and that's not such a great mix. I came back feeling very refreshed and ready to enjoy my two beautiful sons again:). Sometimes, a mom just needs a little break to put everything into perspective and even to miss everyone a little. It definitely put me into a better frame of mind, which is a much better way to start a new week.

Also, church was wonderful yesterday. It was one of those days where our Bible study lesson, as well as the sermon, seemed to be exactly what I needed. God was definitely talking to me and helping me understand things better. I needed that so much and I felt at peace and had my joy of life back afterwards. So, all in all, Sunday was a very good day for me.

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MMrussianadoption said...

I think about you and your mom a lot. Hope she is doing better.

I know that uh-oh word too well. It is a word we all dread hearing.

I will email you the website of the lady who does the searches. Her costs are on there, but it all depends on how many families are doing a search in the same regions to help cut down on costs.