Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2, 2007

We woke up at 4:30am, in order to have Ben at the hospital by 6:00. We woke him up around 5:00ish and, unfortunately, Nick was half awake at the time, so he woke up too. My sister put him in bed with her but she said he never really went back to sleep. I think he knew something was going on and he was anxious about it.

Ben did very very well throughout the entire day. The hospital staff handled his case wonderfully. We could not have asked for a better surgery experience. They were all very nice and sweet with Ben and they did everything possible to keep us with him as much as possible. The experience exceeded my expectations.

They gave Ben some liquid medicine to take to make him "drunk" and groggy before they were to take him. Then we were allowed to carry him into the hallway, just outside the surgery area, where relatives are not normally allowed. We waited with him there, holding him until he was so "drunk" and happy that he was OK with being put into the hospital crib, standing nearby. He was so funny. He kept laughing at our hospital escort guy, who was wearing hospital scrubs including the little green hat. Ben thought this guy looked funny, I guess, because every time he looked at him, he cracked up laughing. When they took him away, he didn't even cry. I was so relieved.

They called us to recovery as soon as he was awake. He was crying when we came in to him and he cried periodically when we were holding him, as he was coming out from the anesthesia. But he really did pretty well; better than I expected. He kept saying "bye bye?" in this pitiful voice, like he was begging us to get him out of there. He only had to stay in the recovery area for 30 minutes and then we went back to the original room, where we were when they gave him the liquid medicine. He was not happy that we were not going home but he cheered up quickly when they gave him a popsicle. They took his IV out and then we changed his clothes and left. We were on our way home by around 9:00am, which was early than we had expected. Everything went very well. Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes.

Nick, on the other hand, did not have a very good day. He did fine with my sister and mom, although he did ask about mommy, daddy and brother several times. She tried to explain things to him but I think he probably felt very anxious that he was left without brother. He was very clingy when I got home and his behavior was pretty bad. I think am starting to recognize a pattern. He does not do this when we leave him in the church nursery but he seems to act out when his routine takes a major hit.

I actually put both of the boys down for a much needed nap, not long after I was home. Then I ran out to fill scripts for Ben. My brother and niece dropped by so, when I returned home, I visited with them and my mom and sister for a few minutes before the boys woke up. The family folks left soon after, so it was just me and the boys again. I fixed their lunch but there was a lot of whining and clingyness going on and I was starving by the time I was actually able to eat something myself.

After that, I pretty much just sat around with the boys, trying to help them get over their clingyness and insecure feelings. Behavior was a big challenge, especially as we moved toward the late afternoon. They ended up needing another nap, which finally gave me a much needed one-hour break. It was a very challenging day. Hopefully today will be better. We have no plans. Just a low-key, stay at home kind of day.

One really cute thing that I observed was Nick sitting at the little kid's table in the library. Ben had just walked into the kitchen and Nick was calling to him "brother, brother?". Ben looked at Nick to see what he wanted and Nick patted the chair next to him and said "sit, sit". Ben ran back to the library, got a book and sat in the chair right next to Nick and they both looked at the book. It was so sweet. Nick was clearly relieved that Ben was home. It didn't take long after that though before behavior went down hill fast.....but this was definitely a bright spot in my day:).


MMrussianadoption said...

glad things went smoothly in the hospital for you. When will he get his bandage.

Tonya said...

I'm glad B's surgery went well. Silas had surgery on his 3rd birthday and I did not enjoy that:). He did fine too but Mommy couldn't concentrate on anything until he was back in her sight:):):). Silas also didn't care to be left by us when he was little. He would be mad at me when I would come back. He's a very touchy, huggy child so I think his "love language" i physical touch and closeness and me leaving him didn't work well with that one. He is much better now (at age 6) but he still asks to sleep in the bed with us all the time:):):).