Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007

Here are some fun pictures I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

Nick was putting together some bread and veggies for a pretend snack. It was most amusing to watch him work. Notice the plate on the left, with the two cars on top of the tomato. Doesn't that look yummy?! Apparently it does to a little boy:)!

One day the boys and I had a fun time coloring and drawing on paper and envelopes, folding the papers and putting them into the envelopes and pretending to mail them.

Notice how Ben holds his pencil the right way. I only showed him how to do this once. Nick, on the other hand, gets upset with me if I try to show him how to hold his pencil. I read somewhere that you should make them hold it the proper way from the very beginning but I have not pushed this with him yet.

This is a little train set that my brother, SIL and niece gave the boys at a shower, before the boys ever came home. I got it out the other day for the first time but it is really for 3 years old and up....and for good reason. They spent more time taking it apart than anything else so, after a day or two, I put it away again.

But this is a great toy and they are still playing with it a lot. N has especially enjoyed it, more so than B for some reason.

The boys were doing somersaults. Nick would get in position and then pat his bottom, which he could barely reach, and say to Ben "pish, pish", "brother, pish" (translation, push:). It was really cute.

Yesterday afternoon, the boys and I spent a lot of time outside playing. We had been out for a while when I remembered that my sister gave us some sidewalk chalk. I'm not sure who had more fun with it, them or me:).

I am sure who got more of it on their clothes...them! I had to strip them down before I let them into the house. Good thing it was still warm outside.

Today the temperature has dropped like a rock. The last time I looked, it was around 36 degrees and still dropping. Yesterday it was in the high 70's. Big change. I was ready for it though. I like it to be colder when we celebrate Thanksgiving. I made the Mississippi Mud today. It looks good. I hope it tastes good. We'll find out tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


MMrussianadoption said...

my kids look like that every time we bring them in from outdoors. but they have it in their mouths too.

Tonya said...

Great pics! I have days where I don't spend enough time cuddling too. Thank goodness kids let you know about those things if they go on too long:):):).

As far as holding the pencil goes, I wouldn't push it yet. Let them play with lacing shapes. That helps some.