Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11, 2007 Part 4

I showed the boys how to pretend to have a dinner party or "tea party", by showing them how to set their little table with the new dishes they received as a birthday present. I got the bears and Jo Jo out and sat them in the seats at the table. The boys were very entertained by this, thought it was funny, and started to pretend they were pouring stuff and helping the bears eat.

That lasted all of about 2 minutes and then the fun began as they decided it was more fun to SIT ON THEIR GUESTS!!

Sitting on the guests became the fun thing to do. The boys moved from seat to seat, taking turns sitting on each of the bears. The only guest who didn't get sat on was Jo Jo. He is not as soft so maybe that was just smart of them.

The situation quickly deteriorated, as Nick threw one of the bears on the table, knocking half of the dishes on the floor. I discouraged this kind of behavior but, soon after, the lovely "tea party" ended in a dog pile on top of the guests:).

I may have to send them to etiquette classes.

More funny things said this morning:
Ben said: "brother, pish" (push)
Nick said: "no" (this was a first; normally the pusher rushes right over and pushes, for a little while at least...of course, the pusher is also normally Nick so maybe he is just getting tired of being the pusher.

Nick, sitting at the island with Ben, eating oatmeal. He spoons up a huge spoonful of oatmeal and says: "biiiiig bite", just as big as you please. Ben follows suit soon after. So I start asking them to show me a small bite and then a big bite. They do both, repeating "big bite" and "small bite", as the case may be.

Nick, sitting next to me on the little red couch in the library/play room, cutting up the cut-able, wooden veggies: "Mommy?" "Yes Nick?" "tomato" "yes, that is a tomato".

Ben is in the background saying "tractor, tractor, wagon", while he plays with a tractor and the small wagon it pulls.

Sitting next to Ben, reading a book about Jonah and the whale. Ben points to a picture of Jonah, floating down to the depths of a colorful ocean while holding his nose (it is a funny picture) and says "down down down", which is what the book says on that page. They have such a great memory.

While reading books together on the couch, I ask "are you guys hungry?". Both boys look at me and, at the same time, ask "yogurt?".

At some point in the morning, Nick runs over to the fridge and says "milk, milk". I say, "please ask nicely" and he says "pleeeease". I say "can you say milk please?" He says "milk" "pleeeease".

We were sitting on the couch, reading (singing) the Wheels on the Bus book. Ben was laughing and trying to sing it with me. It was so cute. He would sing the beep, beep , beep and swish, swish swish, etc. parts with me and then would sing "all day long" with me too. Nick would sing "all day". I was cracking up.

They are definitely putting more and more words together every day. They are still leaving a slight pause between words at times. This is so much fun! I love watching them and helping them learn to talk!


Tonya said...

Oh you poor thing. Boy-itus is setting in:):):). When they sit on their tea party bears, pass gas and laugh about it, you'll know that the syndrome is too far gone and all you can do is act shocked and hope that they will get the idea that they shouldn't do that kind of thing in public.

Good luck. If you find a cure, let me know. I'm thinking about starting a foundation ...:):):)

Lauri said...

Such cute pics... they are getting so big