Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18, 2007 Part 2

For the first time, I took the boys to church by myself! Yay! I prayed about it a lot and I used a small bag of M&M's as my helper:). I talked to the boys about going to church and playing with the other children and seeing Katy (our babysitter) again, etc. I told them they were going to be big boys and not cry and that they were going to go to their class and I was going to go to my class. I talked it up pretty good but I still brought the M&M's, which I believe were key to our success.

I showed them the M&M's as we were getting out of our car and told them they could have one when we got inside. I gave them each one when we got to the sign-in desk. (By this time, they have normally started crying/whining and asked to be picked up.) I gave them each another one when we got to the door of their classroom. When we got to the door, Nick decided he did not want to go and he took off running in the other direction. But then I said "Nick, don't you want another M&M?" and he came running back:). They both went into the classroom and Ben held up his hands for me to pick him up, as he said "mommy? mommy?". I told him I would be back later and I gave the candy to Katy. I think there was only one other little girl in the class at the time and there are two adults and Katy, taking care of the kids. So, the boys were getting a lot of attention from everyone, which helped. And, of course, the M&M's were key. Neither of them cried at all! It was amazing! They normally cry every week, when we leave them.

I was so relieved that it went so well. As I sat in my class, I said a thank-you prayer. My husband joined me for the worship service and we went together to pick up the boys from their class. Ben had his back to the door, so he didn't see us come in. He was holding up a doll, moving her up and down and around, as he danced with her! It was so funny. I was cracking up. One of the caregivers said that both of the boys had been dancing with the dolls. Very funny. They were both very happy to see their daddy, since they had not seen him this morning.

We will definitely be buying more of those M&M's!


Christine said...

Good for you! It took me forever to go to church with the kids when my husband was out of town.

musicmommy3 said...

Hey Lea, What's your email? I have a question I don't want the whole world to "hear". Just email me and I will reply!