Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 8, 2007

OK, I finally did it! I have scheduled a babysitter for Saturday afternoon/evening. This will be the very first time we have left the boys with a babysitter. She is very sweet and she is one of their teachers in their class at church, as is her mom, who also homeschools her and her siblings. Her mom said that she (the babysitter) was so glad we called because she had been wanting to come and play with the boys for a while. They live fairly close to us so her mom is going to drop her off and then I will take her home afterwards. Believe it or not, when I asked her how much she charged for babysitting, she said whatever we wanted to pay her is fine and that she just really loves kids and was looking forward to playing with the boys. Isn't that sweet? I had to tell her that we are novices at this sort of thing and have no idea what the going rate is, so she said $7 or $8 an hour is usually what she receives.

She is going to come over at 2:00pm and we are planning to go to a 5:00 pm-ish movie. Unfortunately, I forgot that the boys are now normally napping from 1:00 to 3:00. I may just put them down a little earlier that day. I asked her to come early so she would have time to play with the boys a while before we leave. I know they will probably still cry when we leave but I really think they will have a fun time with her and I am feeling really good about this.

I know Nick just had a hard time, when we had Ben's surgery, but that was because he was left without Ben. I think they will do just fine, being left together.

Also, the MOPS place where I have been going is having a "kids night out" at the end of November, so that parents can have a shopping or date night. They have lots of fun things planned for the kids and it's $5 per child. My friend and I signed up and she and her husband and my husband and I are all going to go out to dinner together that night. So we will have two date nights in November:). That's not bad for a start.

My husband starts his hospital-on-call rotation today, which means that he will be working every day for the next two weeks, including weekends. Last night he didn't get home until after the boys went to bed, which hardly ever happens at our house, thankfully. I think that's only the second time that's happened since the boys came home last January.

If all goes well, I am planning to get them ready and take them to church by myself on Sunday. I have not done this before because I can't use the stroller and I have been concerned that they might just decide they don't want to go and sit down and throw a fit, or something like that. If they both start doing something, like wanting to be carried and falling apart that I can't carry them both at the same time, I will be in trouble. I am trusting that God wants us in church and that He will work it out. Lots of prayers:).

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musicmommy3 said...

You're a smart Mommy. :) It's a good idea to leave them with someone they already know, who loves kids-specifically yours- :)

I hope that you have a great time. I know even my bio children had to adjust to a babysitter we use to have come regularly. The boys loved her but didn't always want us to go. They got used to it and they began to look forward to her coming. They were excited for date nights. :)