Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10, 2007 Part 2

Ben still has a fever but it is a little lower and, as long as he has his medicine, he plays and seems just fine. I called the babysitter and told her mom about Ben's illness but they are not concerned about it. So we are still planning to go to a movie. I am excited!

I put the boys down for an early nap, since the babysitter (Katy) will be here at 2:00pm. I can put them down for their nap but, unfortunately, I can't make them go to sleep until they are ready:). I went up to see what they were up to, since I could hear them playing, and they were playing with their pants. They had taken them off (hence the duct tape on the diapers; otherwise they would have been off too) and were trying to get them back on so I confiscated them, much to their dismay. I was trying to take away the fun stuff so they would be bored and go to sleep. Luckily they kept their shirts on today, although I have seen Nick take that off too in the past. I think they finally went to sleep about 30 or 45 minutes after I put them down, which means they will definitely still be sleeping when Katy gets here.

Oh well. I will have some time to show her where everything is and she can get acquainted with the house stuff and the cats while the boys are sleeping.

Some dear friends stopped by today to bring the boys a birthday present. It is a set of play dishes and pots and pans. They have had so much fun with them.

Ben is so funny. He tends to have favorite toys and books and I think he feels they are his, although he doesn't know the word "mine" yet. He is now attached to a spatula that came with the toy dishes. He was carrying it around with him all over the house, from the time he found it amongst the dishes until it was time for nap. He was very sad that he had to leave it downstairs when he went up for nap. He was also upset when he had to lay it down on the floor while he ate lunch and he quickly got it again as soon as he finished lunch. He was the same way about the little wooden knife that came with the cut-able fruits and veggies, which is one reason why the dad made a new, second knife (also just so they could both play/cut veggies at the same time). Ben would freak out anytime Nick picked up the knife, even if he had not been playing with it. It's funny because Nick does not do this at all, except with his Ya Ya and Ben can even play with that at times without it bothering Nick (if Nick is not tired).

I mentioned in an earlier post that they are so much more aware of what's going on these days. I was having my hair highlights done on Thursday evening so the dad was home, fixing dinner for the boys. He said he was looking for the salt, which used to always be on the table but is now either on a shelf or near the stove, due to two little boys who can climb up on the chairs at the table now. Anyway, the dad didn't know that I was leaving the salt near the stove top sometimes and he was looking for it and thinking out loud "where's the salt". He said that Ben starting pointing to it and saying "there it is". Both boys say this phrase because of the peak-a-boo game (peak-a-boo, where's Ben/Nick, there he is) and also just from watching us hunt for something and then saying "there it is". Dad was very surprised that Ben knew where it was, what it was and could tell him!

I know I say this over and over but it is really just absolutely amazing to me how fast they learn.

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