Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007

The boys are both going through a phase where they are saying bye bye to everything they can think of. Bye bye truck, bye bye boo boo, bye bye house, bye bye moon, bye bye airplane, bye bye helicopter, get the idea. But today's bye bye was one to remember.

We were getting out of the car and Ben noticed bird poop on the rear of the car. He had noticed it once before and I had told him it was bird poop. So today, both boys were saying "bye bye poop". I couldn't help but laugh at that one. They were saying it over and over, as we left the car to go into the store, and then they were saying it again, over and over, as we drove away from the store.

Both boys are now doing pretty well with drinking out of an open cup. I have been serving their milk from an open cup in the mornings and then we go back to the cup with the lid and straw when they are more tired. So far, we have only had one large spill that went on the floor. All of the others were just little drips on the counter, for the most part.

They have been waking up way to early for me these days. I don't think they ever changed their wake up time when the time change happened, although their bedtime at night did change. Most days they take a pretty good nap but, boy, the mornings sure get long sometimes.

Today we went out looking for Christmas-y sweaters for them. Kohl's had racks of beautiful little girl dresses for Christmas but NOTHING for little boys. I couldn't believe it. Target was not much better. Babies-R-Us had a few sweaters but not many, although we did find something there that works. I had so few to choose from that I had to buy two identical ones. This is the number one reason that the boys are dressed alike so often. There are just not that many cute boy clothes to choose from and I'm not going to spend a ton of money on clothes that they are going to grow out of in 2 or 3 months.

I am coming down with the dreaded cold that Nick has had for the past few days. I can't tell if Ben is getting it or not. I hate getting sick at this time of year....I mean, it is never something that you want to have happen but it's extra bad at this time of year. There is so much going on and you don't want to miss things or not enjoy them due to illness.

We are suppose to be leaving the boys at a MOPS kid's night out and going to dinner with friends tomorrow night but I'm not sure we will get to go, with Nick still feeling badly and having a constantly running nose and with me starting to get it too.

I have changed my mind about some of the boys' Christmas gifts. We had already gotten them each a very large Tonka dump truck but I think we are going to return it and get one little cash register, two shopping carts and some groceries. They are quickly getting into the pretend thing and I think they might have more fun with this than with the trucks, since they already have some trucks anyway. I have already got the little cash register. It is a popular older Fischer Price toy that has recently been brought back. I am still looking for the shopping carts and food.

I so want to be done with my Christmas shopping soon. I had planned to finish it very early this year and it has not happened. I have some of it done but still have a few things to find.

Much to do before the boys wake from their nap. Happy day!


Esther said...

Hey lady ;o)

My blog went private, and I'd like to keep in touch with you. If you'd like an invite to my blog, please email me at

MMrussianadoption said...

I love their matching sweaters for thanksgiving. tooo cute. my kids say bye bye to their pee pee/poops when we flush them down the toilet. It is precious.

Esther said...


I hate how there aren't really any good boys clothing items out there (considering I'm a mother of 3 boys and all). Someone needs to start a clothing line for boys! It's pathetic.

I think my boys will be in the jeans&tshirts look forever. Heck, my husband still is ;o)

The selection improves drastically when the boys can shop in Men's clothing. Yes, I know this takes forever to get to that stage. My 12yr old only hit that size department a few months ago. And my 10 (almost 11)yr old hit it at the same time. I can buy them underwear and countless shirts now in the Men's Department. My 10 yr old is extremely tall for his age. I'm 5'1", and he's almost as tall as me. My 12yr old passed me up in height months ago.

If you find any place with a great boys clothing selection, please inform us all! And my 9yr old needs size slim. Sheesh. Totally limited choices for him. Pretty much just Levi's slims for him. Sigh.