Thursday, December 06, 2007

December 8, 2007

I need to start writing down the cute things the boys are saying again. There are more and more of them each day and they are so cute.

Ben's favorite thing to say now is "oooowwww". He says this all the time and with great feeling, even if he is not hurt. I even hear him saying it over the baby monitor, when he is trying to fall asleep in his crib.

Nick still talks all the time. I was in the laundry room, while the boys were having their snack, and I overheard Nick saying to Ben, "brother, big truck!, brother, big truck!". He had heard a big truck driving by and I wasn't in the room but he had to tell someone about it. Ben did not seem to acknowledge this news though.

I was kind of tired the other afternoon and, without thinking about it, I took a deep breath and let it out noticeably. Nick was sitting at the kitchen island, eating a snack and he immediately copied my deep breath. When I laughed, he had to do it a couple more times.

Other things they are saying lately are:

"milk please" and "more milk please"
"read please"
"very big truck!"
"Christmas tree!" (every time we see anything remotely resembling pine needles, including hanging decorations in stores)
"there!" (something I say at times, when I finish a task with them)
"now!" (also something I say at times, when I finish a task...they are quite the mimics)
If Nick is the one saying these things, every thing he says is preceded by "mommy?". He'll say "mommy?, there!" and then give me a big smile. So cute. He talks ALL the time....quite the chatter box.

A favorite book of our sons' is a large book containing multiple Golden Book classics. One story is about how Martha and Bobby help Mommy around the house. It has a picture of the two children, taking off their PJ's. When the boys see this, they say "uh oh" because I am always telling them not to take their PJ's off, since I don't want them to get cold during the night.

And, did I mention that I found a football, baseball (the soft, little kid kind) and a tractor stuffed into the back of the tree the other day? I don't know how they did that but I think they were throwing things at the tree at one point. Ben was hitting it with his hammer yesterday. There are just all kinds of things to do to a tree that are all good fun and fair game for two little two year old boys.
In other news, I went to the dentist yesterday morning, for the first time in two years (since we moved to Oklahoma). It has been many many years since I have missed a six month check up before this, so two years is a long time for me. I was really dreading it.

My appointment was for 9:00am. I thought, since it was an early appointment, that it would be pretty quick. My husband had planned to go to work late, so he could stay with the boys. He was planning to meet me at the dentist office and trade cars with me, so he could go straight on to work.

They finally called my name at around 9:30. They took me back to the teeth cleaning area and took XRays and then said "'wait here; it will be a few minutes". They finally started cleaning my teeth at around 9:50, finished at around 10:10 and the dentist finally came to check my teeth at around 10:30. He spent all of about 5 minutes and told me my teeth looked great, which was the good news of the day....and also that the teeth cleaner lady told me that I obviously took very good care of my teeth:). That was an answered prayer.

In the meantime, my husband was waiting in the waiting room with our sons. Fortunately they have a good section for kids, so the boys were happy. But my husband thought he would not even get the kids out of the car, that I would be finished and we would just trade cars, so he did not bring the diaper bag. Both of the boys had poopy diapers. The boys are not at a point yet where they really care about poopy diapers and they don't care to be interrupted in their play for a diaper change but I felt bad for the two other people in the waiting room.

Needless to say (although I will say it) I was not very happy with this dentist and was ready to walk out several times. I probably would have if it hadn't been for the inconvenience to my husband of rescheduling and him missing work again. It really gets me when dentists and doctors do this kind of thing. It's one thing if you have an afternoon appointment and they had an emergency during the day that made them fall behind. It's quite another thing when you are one of the earlier appointments of the day and it is obvious that this is just the way they do business.

The thing is that I really did like the dentist. He was a really nice, friendly guy. If it was just me being inconvenienced and I didn't have to worry about my husband and the boys, I would just plan to take a good book the next time and I would be quite happy, knowing what to expect. At least we will be more prepared for what to expect the next time, if we continue to go to this dentist.


Esther said...

Sadly, this is how dentists operate. It truly sucks. I feel for you ;o)

Tonya said...

I have to take all five of the kids to the dentist on the 18th - by myself. Ick.

That is so cute, all the things the boys are saying. I love it when they start talking. Lyra calls a Christmas tree a "Kiss me" tree. LOL!