Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007

This has to be a quickie but I did want to give a quick update on what's going on here in Oklahoma. I took a drive out the other day to go to an appointment and, had I known how bad the situation was in that part of town, I would not have gone.

It really looks like a tornado came through, at least from the perspective of seeing all of the tree limbs, some very large, and some trees down all over the place. It is really hard to believe your eyes and the pictures on the news do not do it justice....not even close.

My mom got tired of being cold and finally went to my sister's house on Tuesday. I was not able to reach anyone yesterday so I don't know if her power is back on yet or not. As of Tuesday, the assisted living home where my grandmother lives was without power so she was at my uncle's house and my dad and brothers were still without power also. I have heard on the news that the number without power today is much lower so hopefully I will hear something from my family today.

For a couple of days, we had to throw together whatever hodge podge of food we happened to have in the house for meals, as the grocery stores near us were without power. We have since found stores that never lost power and still have a good selection of everything, so the only current impact to us remains the stop lights that are still not working, although they are slowly getting those back up and working also.

During one of our hodge podge meals, we were eating some hot dogs, green beans and brown beans and ham (doesn't that sound just yummy:)!. I am not a fan of mustard but my husband is and, when the boys saw him eating it, they wanted some too. They are amazing. The assume that anything we eat MUST be good and they want to try everything. Much to my surprise, they loved the mustard and kept wanting "more, more". I have yet to find anything that won't eat...they seem to like anything and everything, although there are a few things they like more than others.

That's all for now. The troops are getting restless and the dad is in his office working, as the power at his clinic is still out.


Aubrey said...

Hey Aunt Lea. Hope everything is going good. Gramdma got to go back to her living place yesterday. Papa and Sylivia, and then us, got our electric back Tuesday evening!!...Thank the LORD!!...I finally feel and look like a girl again!!..haha..
Love you Bunches!!..
Give the boys a hug a kiss for me!!..
XOXO Aubrey =)

Anonymous said...

Hey There...

I miss those days when Livi would eat anything we fed her. I hope the boys are always so easy to please for you. Hope everything is back to normal for you all soon. Merry Christmas if I don't get back to you


MMrussianadoption said...

thats great that they will eat everything. makes it easier when you cant get to the store.