Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20, 2007

In retrospect, I now realize that things have gotten easier, more pleasant, more fun than ever over the past several months. The first six months that the boys were home were sometimes difficult for me. It has nothing to do with them, as they are doing great and they are typical, very sweet little boys and I adore them:). But it took me a while to get used to having less personal time and being able to enjoy that kind of life. It has also taken a while to get used to being so tired at the end of the day...there is simply no comparison with when I worked full time. I was mentally tired and also tired of being stressed out at times but I was not physically tired as I am now...on a regular basis:).

I was visiting with a young mom of twins today though and she told me that she is very tired at the end of the day also. That made me feel much better, as I had always kind of chalked it up to fact that I am an older mom (I'm 44, going on 45 in Feb.). So, I am glad to know that it is fairly normal for other mom's too, especially those with multiple toddlers.

There are still times when I crave more personal time but that is more the case when I have been spending more time around more people (more than my husband and children) and have had less alone time. But, let's face it. What mom doesn't hope for longer nap times, for a bit of extra downtime in the day:).

All in all, things are very happy around here these days. I enjoy my time with the boys and relish each day, as I am often thinking ahead and knowing that these times when they are little are so short....especially short for those of us who adopted our children and did not have the first year or more with them. They are incredible little people and I am truly blessed to have them in my life, as well as my wonderful, thoughtful husband.

In other news, I actually finished decorating our house and tree today:). Surprise surprise! I had previously decided that I was perfectly happy to leave it partially decorated, as there would be less for the boys to take apart:). But, for some reason, I was feeling very festive today. I guess the Christmas spirit has caught up with me, now that the hubbub of the ice storm is over.

My mom went back to her house yesterday. They finally fix her power line and restored her power on Tuesday. I was sad to see her leave and I know the boys have missed her.

My sister came to get her yesterday and, after the boys went to bed, she and I went to Garden Ridge to do a bit of Christmas shopping. While we were at Garden Ridge, my sister picked up a very pretty tray with roses all over it and said, "Oh how pretty. I think I'll get this for mom". Our mom loves roses. I picked one up and looked at it and said, with a very straight face, "This IS very pretty. I think I will get one for her too". My sister gave me the funniest 'are you nuts!?' look that I have ever seen and I busted out laughing. She is such a kidder and practical joker. I couldn't resist. We both laughed about it for a while and then laughed about it again today when I told her that I told my husband about it last night. Her son heard her laughing and wanted to know what was so funny. She told him and he didn't think it was very funny so maybe it was one of those things that you just had to be there. We thought it was pretty funny.

We had a play date yesterday that we all enjoyed very much. Today we also had a short play date with twin girls. It was also fun but shorter. It has been nice to have some company over though and we really need to do it more often. The boys clearly enjoy it, although Ben tends to be a bit shy at first, wants me to hold him a lot at first and generally touches base with me often, which is not his normal behavior. It is very interesting because it is a totally new side of him that we have not seen before.

On Saturday we are planning to meet others at mom's house and start cleaning up the mess of very large branches and mangled trees in her yard. I have heard that it will be cold and we have a 40% chance of rain so we may have to reschedule, although I hate to leave her yard looking like this for very long.

Tomorrow is the husband's last day of work for a couple of weeks:). That will be nice for all of us. I need to buy some hot chocolate and pick up some fire wood.

I still have not finished my Christmas shopping and I have yet to wrap one present. So much for being done before Thanksgiving:). You know what I'll be doing over the next few days.

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