Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14, 2007

Today we went to Sam's to buy a few things and we had lunch there. The boys split a hot dog, had a few potato chips and two sips of an orange soda. This was their first time to ever try any carbonated beverage. When they tried it, they gave me the funniest look and then started coughing. When I offered them a second sip a little later, they both shook their head no. They each finally had a second sip when they were almost done with the meal...if you want to call that a meal:). I sat there and felt guilty about what an unhealthy lunch I was feeding them.

Normally, they have a sandwich, soup, mac and cheese or something like that but they almost always have a veggie with their lunch. I almost always serve them a veggie with lunch because otherwise they won't get their recommended quota. I don't eat nearly as healthy as they do. I know this will eventually be a big problem for me:).

They had all of the Christmas stuff out at Sam's. It really got me excited to start decorating for Christmas, although it is a bit too soon for us. I am so excited to share the holidays with the boys this year! Did I mention that in an earlier post?? :)

Our downstairs air conditioner has finally decided to give it up so we are having to replace it. I am thankful it happened while it is cooler outside and not during our weeks of 100 degree plus summer weather. We have now lived in this house for almost two years. It was built in 1998. We have already had to replace both air conditioner / furnace units (upstairs and downstairs). Isn't that pitiful? (and very expensive). Oh well, that's life. I am thankful that we have the money saved. The guy is going to do it tomorrow.

I found the dress-up play clothes on the Toys R Us website that I want to get the boys for Christmas. The only thing is that the shipping cost is going to be almost $30, which I think is totally outrageous. I tried to find some on-line coupons or promotional codes but have yet to find one that works. I'm still looking. If you know of something, please let me know. I bought the police officer outfit at the Toys R Us store the other day and I want to get the fire fighter outfit and two cowboy outfits from the website. But I really don't want to pay $30 for shipping. What a waste of money. I will have to see if there is another Toys R Us near us and see if they have what I want. I think they sold out of a lot of these clothes for Halloween.

Here are more fun words / phrases the boys are saying:

-- Nick, standing in the living room this morning and pointing outside: "windy!" (it has been VERY windy here today).
-- Nick, after burping the other day: "scuse you" (we have now started telling them to "say excuse me", rather than saying "excuse you" for them, when one of them burps:).
-- Ben, handing me the letter H as I was walking by the fridge this morning: "H" (I just introduced 'G', 'H' and 'I' yesterday evening). Nick also handed me the letter 'I' and told me "I".  I have been introducing three letters at a time, using the magnetic letters that stick to the fridge.They learn so fast!
-- Both boys, first thing in the morning, running towards the big ottoman in the living room where we change diapers: "first! first!" and then pushing and shoving each other away, trying to be the first to get their diapers changed. If Nick wins, Ben throws a big fit and then Nick usually tries to escape before I can change his diaper anyway, after all that fuss. We are working on this behavior but it is really hard to work on things when they both act up at the same time.
-- Nick, pulling Ben's pants and diaper out and peeking into them: "poopy?" and then he looks at me and smiles/laughs. He is such a little mimic these days and quite the entertainer. He doesn't like it when Ben cries and will frequently do something to try to cheer him up.
-- Both boys, sitting in their booster seats at the kitchen island yesterday at snack time, each patting his own chest: "me? me?" (they are trying to understand pronouns)
-- Both boys, sitting in their booster seats at the kitchen island this morning: "daddy, work?, daddy, work?"

I am starting to hear more and more two word phrases. This is one of the most exciting things ever! Am I crazy? I find this so exciting and entertaining. I am always explaining to them different things and showing them things, everywhere we go and I always tell them to say such-and-such. It seems that they just have to say something once and they have it down. Kids are just such amazing learners. And it really gets me when they say something that I have not told them to say before but they just picked it up from listening to me talk, such as "windy". What amazing memories and attention to detail! I am in awe.

This is still just the best job ever!!


MMrussianadoption said...

My attitude is, they just need to get over it. I get the same way. You can't be Mary Freakin Poppins all the time. I am sure they will cut you some slack.

Anonymous said...

My kids eat better than I do, too.
But you're right, you can't keep
fooling them forever. (I have to
sneak my junk food after they are in bed.)

When we go to Costco, the three of us split one hotdog and one piece of pizza. To make up for it, I either bring along some fruit for them, or give them fruit and yogurt for a snack when we get home.

Sue B (who is sitting in front of the computer, eating candy stolen from the kids' Halloween buckets)

Marthavmuffin said...

Ha! I just posted a mommy guilt on Leap of faith about skipping veggies during tonite! And yup Jamie eats much healthier than I do. (I keep my Hersheys dark chocolates with almonds in my bedroom to eat after she goes to bed!)

musicmommy3 said...

You're not crazy!! YOU'RE A MOMMY! That stuff should excite you! Hope that the hormones settle and you feel better in a couple days.

Blessings!- Angela :)

Christine said...

I just posted about my inadequacies on my blog. I've also posted that even though we know that we are not the world's best mother, our kids don't.

Costco rocks! My family of 12 has graduated to ordering two of the whole pizzas. :)

God Bless.