Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007

My husband and I both thought that my physical therapy appointment was yesterday but, after rushing around to make it and being late, it turns out it is actually we were actually very very early:). So, now I have done the exercises four days in a row, which sounds a little better.

The Parents as Teachers people came yesterday and I really like them a lot. The lady who will be coming once a month is Jackie and she has been doing this for ten years. They bring lots of information and fun things to do and they will always bring one fun activity to do with us while they are here. She told me about several of the activities and they sound like a lot of fun (one of them was the shaving cream on the table thing). I think the boys will love this and it will give us something to look forward to.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post or not but we went back to the dermatologist to have the mole on Ben's face checked again. It had been three months and they wanted to see if it had changed at all. It has not. We were told that the experts are in disagreement about the approach for this type of mole, as to whether it could eventually become cancerous or not and whether it should be removed or not. The one thing that they all agree on is that removing it as early as possible will leave less of a scar than removing it later in life. After listening to the discussion between the dermatologist and my husband (who is a doctor), it sounds to me as if we are most likely going to have it removed. We are going to meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss it sometime soon but not sure when yet. I think the only question remaining is probably whether we will have it done by a regular plastic surgeon here or whether we will go to OKC and have it done by a pediatric plastic surgeon. If we do have it removed, it will be an outpatient kind of thing, where Ben does not have to stay overnight in a hospital, which is good.

We went outside to play again this morning and it was the most pleasant morning we have had in a long time. It was so cool and there was a very light breeze, very nice. The boys wanted to play in the water but they were good about staying out of it when I told them no. It was too chilly and the water in their pool is dirty.

Yesterday and today, Nick's nose has been running like crazy, poor little guy. I know he gets so tired of me wiping it for him, although if it gets too bad before I see it, he will come to me and show me so I guess he appreciates it somewhat. This morning, Ben's nose started running too, so he is now catching the same cold. Fortunately there have been no fevers and they both seem to be fine, playing and running around as usual.

Two of the things they really like these days are the bean box and playing with the blocks. They ask about the bean box several times a day and Nick now calls the sandbox the bean box too, which is funny. I tell him it is a sandbox and he still calls it a bean box. They love for me to build a tower from the wooden blocks and let them knock it down...over and over and over again. Sometimes they are really good about waiting and letting me build it real tall but most of the time they knock it down before it gets very high. Nick will sometimes knock it down when I am just starting and Ben will get upset because he wants it to be bigger.

The boys can both now climb up into their booster chairs at the table and fasten the buckle all by themselves. Sometimes they will clap and cheer when they are finished, especially Ben. It is very cute to watch.

One of Nick's favorite things to say right now is "knock knock". The funny thing is that I only said this to him once, as I was knocking on a door that he had closed between us and he picked it up right away. He will knock on anything and everything and say "knock knock". My favorite thing to hear them both say though is still "umbrella". It is sooo funny to watch and listen to them say this word. We really need to take a video of it before they learn how to pronounce it better.

The boys have both been taking longer naps for the past few days, since they started getting their colds. So I have a bit more time to get things done while they nap. It sure makes the day go by so fast though. They go down for their nap at 11:00 and are usually asleep by 11:15 (after they have thrown their ya ya's back and forth between their cribs a few times and then missed and they lose them to the floor). When they do not have colds, they normally wake up around 1:00 but lately they have been sleeping until 2:00ish. By the time I get them up, change them and feed them, it is going on 3:00 so the day is already mostly gone. I probably have about an hour left before nap time is over so I had better go get a few things accomplished, although I have already done my back exercises, eaten and now updated this blog, so I'm not doing too badly.


Jana H said...

Hey Lea, it sounds like the boys are doing great. I miss them so much. I hope you guys get to come to coronation. I found out it starts at 7:00. I hope Paul can get off so you guys can come. It will be the boys' first football game. I would like some of my friends to see the boys too. I've told them all about them, but they've never seen them. Well, the boys sound like they are growing up too fast. I miss all of you and hope to see you soon. Love to all, Jana

MMrussianadoption said...

Don't you hate that. My dh thought my surprise bridal shower was the day before it actually was and took me to the place walking me up and down, only to ask the host where the party was and he said it wasn't until the next day. So I had to act surprised the next day. He made me swear not to tell my parents he screwed up and was telling me not to dress nice or else they will know I know.