Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007

Not much, just life:). We have been enjoying some outside time. The boys love their swingset and will let me push them until my arms fall off, which can be very startling to a not-yet two year old:). They love the slide and the little teeter totter...and their sandbox and, mostly, playing in water. Nick especially loves playing in water. Anytime we go outside, I ALWAYS bring towels, even when they are just wearing their normal play clothes. And, we ALWAYS need the towels.

The boys are spending more and more time playing together and making each other laugh, which is fun to watch. I have also noticed that they spend more time on an activity and less time bouncing around from one thing to another. They have recently started roughhousing, which I have mixed feelings about. They think it is hysterical but I'm not so sure. It is cute to watch them have fun and laugh so much but Nick definitely has the advantage and tends to push Ben back (they play on the couch so it is a soft landing) or get on top of him. Ben thinks it is funny, for now. Nick doesn't understand that doing this when not on the couch could hurt Ben. Also, I have some horrific memories of my three brothers "roughhousing" and really being kind of mean to each other and I don't want my sons doing that.

Our local school district has a program called "Parents as Teachers" that I have signed us up for. I had heard that they have one day a week where parents bring their little ones in to a special classroom at the school to play, which is really why I was interested. Unfortunately, they no longer do this, since they don't have room because of all-day kindergarten. But I signed up anyway. They will be coming over to our house once a month with activities for the boys. It should be fun for them, hopefully. Today is our first day. The bad news is that Nick is coming down with a cold (yes, we were back in church on Sunday:). So I'm not sure how he will be feeling today, since they are still sleeping.

I am feeling much better these days, from an energy perspective. I finally feel back to my normal self. My back is still a big issue and I have done the exercises the past two days:). I have finally resigned myself to doing the exercises, since it doesn't seem I am getting any better otherwise. I finally go back to physical therapy today so he will see how far I have NOT come.

My mom has had her second chemo treatment and has been going through the week or so of feeling badly. It is better than last time though, thankfully.

My grandmother is now in a nursing home and it has been a really tough thing for her to accept. It was also very hard for my sister, dad and uncle to deliver the news.

I had thought of a ton of things to write about the boys, over the past week or so, but now I can't recall any of them:). I will have to start writing them down. I hear banging on cribs now though, so the kiddos are up and ready to start their day.


musicmommy3 said...

I laughed about the roughhousing and your question, "Does anyone have any opinions..." I laughed because it seems like I always have an opinion. LOL

We have 3 boys. I have decided that roughhousing is part of being a boy. HOWEVER, for me roughhousing cannot incorporate meanness. YOu can tell when it starts to go sour. That's when we IMMEDIATELY make them stop and take a break. Roughhousing for our household does not include; pinching, hitting, kicking, or biting. Wrestling is okay, tackling in fun is okay, anything done that will not result in a head/neck injury is ok. LOL
We have also trained (and continue to train) our boys that when someone says STOP (as in "I've had enough of this playing") you are to STOP immediately. Their rough play has helped our oldest to learn to play rough more gently and our middle child to learn not to be so sensitive. My husband says, "they are just boys." LOL

Even our 20 month old wants in on the action, although the 4 and 5 year olds are NOT allowed to tackle him. They can roughhouse with him without pushing him to the ground. Gid- the 20th month old- has NO fear. He will get right in the middle of a wresting match between Michael and the boys fully confident that it will be fun. LOL

Aren't boys FUN??!! I love it!

Lea said...

That's funny! Those sound like some pretty good rules for roughhousing. I agree that boys have to be boys and this is something boys love to do so I really didn't want to put a stop to it altogether but we do need to teach them some rules to follow.

Yes, boys are fun! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the "Parents as Teachers" program. Have you thought
about joining a playgroup, or
starting your own? There are national groups like MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) which can hook you up with a local group, or give you help in starting one.

When my two turned three, I started a Campfire "Little Stars" club. Campfire is kind of like Scouts, but it's co-ed. (I have a boy and a girl, 7 months apart, so I want things we can all do together.) Campfire provides a large book of meeting plans. This particular program is aimed at 3-5 year olds.

As for the roughhousing, I don't think you can avoid it with boys. It's a "male bonding" thing,and it's also a way for them to burn off some energy. But you can put limits on it, like "only outside" or whatever else makes it more livable for you. Just wait until the "superhero" stage kicks in, maybe around 3-1/2 or 4. We tried to insulate our kids from all the princess and superhero stuff, but it kicked in right on schedule. It's actually a developmental stage, at my daughter's 3 year old exam the doctor asked whether she had gotten into the princess thing yet.

Sue B