Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007 Part 2

Do you have certain buttons that, when pushed by your children, will really get you going...and they know it??

I know I do, although I try hard to hide them from my kids. One of my buttons is screaming. I am OK with loud playing and even screaming/shrieking when playing and having fun. That's not a big deal to me and it usually doesn't happen that often. My button is pushed when there is screaming because a child is not happy with something or something does not go the way they think it should. Both boys have used this, although Nick started it and Ben caught on very quickly. I have tried everything I can think of to stop this behavior and we are now considering it "a fit" and standing said child in the corner for it. I decided it is better not to focus on the screaming but to just categorize it as "a fit" and follow the same method for dealing with fits. This seems to be working and we are seeing much less of this now. One thing I have noticed though is that Nick will sometimes scream when he hurts himself.....not like a scream of pain but a scream of anger, just like the kind of scream he sometimes uses when he is having a fit. It is kind of strange and I am not quite sure how to handle this one yet since, when it happens, he is normally upset because he is hurt. Thankfully it seldom happens.

Another button of of my children loves to throw things on the floor. He will pick up something or, more likely, many somethings, and deliberately throw them on the floor, for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes, when I am changing his diaper, he will grab anything nearby and throw it on the floor. He will go over to one of the toy baskets, pick up a toy on top, throw it on the floor and then walk away, looking for another toy that interests him, or the next thing to add to the pile on the floor. I think this child is really good at finding my buttons and sometimes enjoys pushing them...sometimes while looking right at me, with a smile on his face.

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Tonya said...

My buttons are screaming and whining. Screaming is number one, hands down. I never really had a true screamer until my latest child *ahem*. I am going to attribute that to her being a girl and having pests for brothers. She can blow my eardrums out from another floor of the house.