Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007

Do you ever just get tired of how everything is always moving towards disrepair? Think about how much time we spend doing laundry, dusting, cleaning, repairing, WEEDING, etc. only to have to turn around and do it again very soon. I, for one, will not miss this part of living in this world, when it is time to graduate to our new world in eternity, with our Lord.

This kind of stuff is getting to me more than normal because I am still not up to par in my recovery, which is very frustrating in itself. I think this will be the illness that has taken me the longest to heal in my entire life so far. Hopefully this will be the record for my life.

My husband woke up early this morning and could not go back to sleep. I'm not sure if he woke me or if I woke because I heard Nick on the monitor but I woke up around 4:45am so this is already a very long day.

I am well on my way to finishing several loads of laundry, which was much needed. After I put the boys down for their nap, I went outside to cut back some of the dead flowers in the front yard flower beds. I think we under watered and it is not looking so hot these days, which I get embarrassed about because we live in a neighborhood where people keep their yards and flower beds immaculate. The weeds are also out of control, which I find very frustrating. I went out with the intention of only staying 15 minutes. I came in after 30 minutes, feeling defeated by the elements. We are in that red zone on the weather reports lately, warning people who have respiratory problems to stay inside (that would be me, for now). I was out before the excessive heat of the day but I was in full sun and it was still very hot. I felt exhausted when I got back into the house. I am thankful that the boys are taking a long nap so I have some time to rest. I still need to clean the bathrooms, dust and vacuum the master bedroom and bathroom but that will have to wait until another day.

On a happier note, yesterday I took the boys out for a quick trip to Babies-R-Us to buy them each a booster seat. I was really tired of the high chairs and how much room they took up in the kitchen and I had been looking forward to having the boys sit at the table with us for a while now. I knew they would love it and they do. They obviously feel like such big boys now and my husband and I both really love having them sit at the table with us. They are pretty neat little eaters too, which I appreciate. Of course, we have spills and that's OK but they normally don't purposefully throw food on the floor these days. Actually, they will let us know if they accidentally drop a piece of food and they usually want us to wipe their hands if they get food on them. They love using forks and spoons and will try to use them to eat everything, which is sometimes kind of funny. Yesterday evening, they wanted big people forks, instead of their little ones, so I got them each a salad fork and they really liked that a lot.

Another notable event that happened yesterday. When I got the boys up from their nap, Nick pointed to his bottom and said "poopy" again. This is the second time this has happened so it seems he is moving in the right direction. Yesterday the boys were having fun putting diapers on their teddy bears (actually, I put them on repeatedly and they took them off repeatedly). I also gave them each an old bottle so they could "feed their baby". They tried it once or twice but, overall, they weren't too interested in feeding their teddy bears.

I don't have much other news today. Things are pretty boring around here right now, with it being so hot here. I can't really get the boys outside for any length of time so we are just staying in and playing a lot. I am enjoying spending time watching them play and reading to them a lot. They will now pat a chair and say "chair" or "sit" when they want me to sit down so they can get in my lap and read or just show me something. They also do it while they are eating, as they like for me to sit with them while they eat. It is very cute.

They are talking so much these days. The Sooner Start lady was here yesterday. She is only coming once a month now and she could not believe how much they had changed. She thought Ben looked like he had grown a lot and she thought both boys were talking a lot and their pronunciation was better than when she was here last, which was nice to hear.

Ben's birthday is rapidly approaching, although I just realized the other day that we will be in Arizona for his birthday. So we will plan an early birthday party for him before we leave.

My husband will be going to a men's retreat with other men from our church on Friday late afternoon/evening, returning on Saturday late afternoon so it will just be me and the boys for the first time. I am looking forward to cooler weather. We might get a break on the weekend. Hopefully we will get a break and maybe I can get outside for a little while with the boys.

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