Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007

I am feeling better today so hopefully this will be long term and I will continue to feel back to normal now. Thanks for the emails and comments. They are greatly appreciated.

I had my hair highlighted and it was nice to just be there. It seems a bit lighter than it used to, although it had been so long and it was looking so dark on top that it could just be the contrast. They never can dry/fix my hair well at all. Yesterday, the lady who dried it put this product on it that she said takes away frizz. My hair was so big and frizzy when she finished, it was down right pitiful and somewhat humorous but I hadn't said anything. The lady who highlighted it and who normally dries it came by to see it and she immediately started trying to repair it. It wasn't quite as big when she finished but, overall, it was beyond repair. I always come prepared and, as soon as I get in my car, I put it up in a ponytail:).

They always ask me if I want them to dry it straight or curly. Sometimes I let them dry it straight, just to see what it looks like. It's kind of fun, since it is curly all the time. But, after doing that a few times, I have gotten tired of it. When it is straight, it is so fine and soft that it won't stay in a pony tail very well and I think I just look weird when it is straight. My husband doesn't like it like that either. It just doesn't look like me. But I think they prefer to dry it straight, even though it takes FOREVER, because they know how to do that better than how to make it look good when it is dried curly. To be fair, it took me a while to figure out how to dry it curly too, without it becoming big or frizzy. Maybe they will get it eventually. Maybe not. (No other hairdresser has ever figured it out.)

This morning the boys and I got outside. I pushed them on their swings for quite a while, until my arms were too tired to continue. They played on the slide for a while. They are pretty good at the slide now and can even climb up the slide these days. They played in their sandbox for quite a while. I even had time to weed an entire flower bed that was completely covered with weeds, while they played. I can tell I am feeling better today because, when I noticed how terrible this flower bed looked last week, I just felt overwhelmed and defeated. Today I was ready to tackle it. I pulled out all of the weeds and it looks much better now. We MUST mulch this bed this weekend so hopefully the weeds won't take over next time. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to do this.

We are suppose to get some rain today and it has been cloudy all morning. I love it! It was 78 degrees when we were outside this morning. Although it was a bit humid, it was still somewhat breezy and it felt so wonderful. I'm glad it's Friday and am looking forward to a normal weekend.


jeneflower said...

I am glad you are feeling well. I am curious about your hair. I have naturally curly hair also. What do you put in it or how do you do your hair to your liking? I am always on the lookout for new ideas.

Lea said...

Hi Jen,

First I use Wet by Sebastian, when my hair is still wet from the shower. Then I spray it with Paul Mitchell hair spray (I think it's medium hold). I usually have to re-wet it with a spray bottle once or twice because it dries so fast. It needs to be good and wet when I start to dry it with the hair dryer or it will be frizzier. Next I dry it with a defuser, holding my head to the sides and even upside down so that the curl goes all the way to my scalp. As it gets drier, I crunch it a bit using my hands. I never comb it or brush it after I get out of the shower, although I run my hands through it once before using the products. The more I keep my hands out of it, the better it looks and the less frizzy it is. I use a comb in the shower with creme rinse to remove the tangles.