Thursday, August 09, 2007

August 9, 2007

I was looking back through some of the first pics we took, after the boys came home, and I was just so surprised at how much the boys have changed in 6 months. I'm thinking I didn't do our 6-month-home post justice and you just have to see the comparison of these pics.

These first two pictures were from Feb. 3rd of this year. The boys arrived home from Russia on January 23rd of this year.

These two pics were taken on my birthday this year, Feb. 23rd.

Can you believe what babies they were 6 months ago?? And now look at what toddlers they are!! I am amazed at how quickly they changed. Do all kids change this quickly in 6 months??

This picture was taken on July 22nd.

I was trying to find closer up pics that are more recent and discovered that I really need to take a few good pics. This is the best one I could find of Nick. It was taken on August 3rd.

This picture was taken this evening. I was trying to get some good pics of the boys this evening but it didn't take me long to remember that evening is not the best time to take pics. This was just before bed time and they were pretty cranky. I was not able to get even a half way decent pic of Nick.

And, last but not least, here are the promised pics of the boys and Jana outside, playing in the new little sprinkler thingy we got. The boys have really enjoyed this thing this week.

I really need to remember to move it tomorrow, before it kills the grass.

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