Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 23, 2007

I have been feeling a little "off" lately. Actually, it seems like that the whole hospital experience threw me off and I don't feel like I have been the same since. I don't mean physically. Physically I am fine now, as far as I can tell. I do wonder if my low energy level might be left-over from my illness and have had some people tell me it could be but I'm not sure. The past few days, I have felt kind of down and listless, which does not make for a very fun mom...that makes me feel a bit guilty. Of course, when one is feeling down, one does not usually feel very energetic. So, I'm not sure really what's going on with me right now.

I had a nice surprise today though. I have been on the cancellation list with my hairdresser for a couple of months now. She is booked out for 4 months or so and I am so limited on when I can go, it has taken forever for me to get an appointment. Today they called me and said they have a cancellation for today at 5:00. So I quickly called my husband to see if he could be available to take over with the kids while I get my hair highlighted. Thankfully, he can. Yay! This is definitely an answered prayer.

Mom had her second chemo treatment on Tuesday and today she goes for her shot, which is suppose to keep her while blood count from dropping too low. It is also what made her very achey last time. She was in a considerable amount of pain from it. So this time they made sure she had some strong pain killers, just in case she needs them. Also this time, she knows not to take her blood pressure medicine, since the chemo makes her blood pressure drop. Last time she didn't know this and she almost passed out, after taking her blood pressure medicine. So starting tomorrow, she will most likely have a week or so of not feeling well again. She was feeling so well yesterday that she actually went outside and weeded her yard. I couldn't believe she did that. It is still pretty hot here. She probably should not have done that but I think it made her feel better. She is wearing her wig or scarves now and she really sounds in good spirits. She is surprising me at how well she is dealing with all of this.

My grandmother is still in the hospital and will be moved to a nursing home on Friday. I haven't heard an update about her recently, although I am sure she is still in considerable pain.

I took the boys to the park on Tuesday and they had a great time. They are really into climbing now and they like the slides. They especially enjoy swinging and I was getting tired of pushing them both by the time we left. I definitely need to start working out again. I am thinking about it:).

Ben's lip is pretty much healed now. They heal so quickly, it is amazing. They continue to eat like there is no tomorrow. They are such good, healthy eaters. I am constantly amazed. They are also saying more and more words every day. Today I was teaching them about opposites, such as up and down, big and small, etc. I can tell that Nick is trying to figure out the big, smaller, smallest thing lately because he is very into trying to stack the stacking cups in the right order.

I feel like I should be teaching them more but I'm not sure what for their ages. I wish there was a little curriculum that I could follow for children of this age. If you know of one, please let me know.


ChandraJoy said...

Sorry you have been a bit down. I know that can be a bum deal to get in "rut" sometimes. I'm glad you are going to be able to get your hair done!! YAY!! is a good site that gives you ideas on what they should be learning about for their ages.
I love you and I hope you start feeling better soon.

Lauri said...

Sorry your feeling a bit blue.. I went through a bout of " post adoption" type depression for a few months upon coming home... just all the changes. I still battle now & then with feelings of " am I a good enough Mom"? ... be gentle on yourself and take good care of yourself.

You certainly have alot on your plate with healing from being sick and your Mom & Grandma.

We all have good days & bad..

keeping you in my prayers


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is really a curriculum for this age, but the first things that kids usually learn are colors, shapes, and motor skills. I think you were already on track with the activities you were planning. Also, reading to them every day is important, and I'd add some musical activities into the mix (put on some music and either dancing together or playing simple instruments).

I wasn't sure what to do with them at this age, either, and I was lucky to find free community college parent/child classes in our area. Hmm, in the two year old class we sang simple songs (mostly the Moms sang), played outside with balls, trikes, and on the playground, did play-doh, puzzles, and painting, etc. She used a felt board sometimes along with the books and songs, and also for simple counting (up to 10).

Hope this helps.

Sue B

Tonya said...

check out "slow and steady get me ready". I've never used it or even looked at it, but it's for little ones.