Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007

Ben is now 22.5 months old and came home from Russia when he was 16 months old.

My two sons have very different personalities, which I kind of think is a good thing. It is so fun to watch their personalities emerge.

Ben seems to be a lot like my husband and I in that he seems to be a borderline introvert. Borderline because he tends to enjoy people but he also clearly enjoys going off by himself and playing quietly at times, especially when he has just spent a lot of time with others. He is a happy little guy and always has a smile for me when I go in to get him from his crib, after he has awakened from a nap or in the morning. He will sometimes wake up with some of that fake sounding crying and may even be doing it just as I am approaching his room. But, as soon as I open the door to his room and our eyes meet, he ALWAYS has a smile for me. It is as predictable as the sun rising and I love it.

Ben is a pretty good natured little boy, although he does have his moments. He likes being picked up and will raise his arms frequently, asking to be picked up. If he is picked up in a timely manner, he will be the happiest little guy. If you are too busy at that exact moment and he has to wait a bit, he most likely will not be a very happy little guy and will start crying...not every time but most times. His latest form of temper tantrum includes a whine/cry with an immediate throw-his-little-self-back-on-his-bottom (from a standing position) with a look at you, as if to ask "and just what are you going to do about that??".

I think this might have just started after I got home from the hospital but I can't remember for sure. It is actually pretty funny but it is not a good thing so we are working on it. I have not been as consistent as I need to be though. Now that things are getting back to normal around here, we are working on consistency again.

Ben loves books and loves to sit in a lap and have books read to him, over and over again. There are times when I have been working in the kitchen and have looked up to see him sitting on the floor or in a chair, looking through some of his books and he would stay that way for a pretty long time, for his age. He will get pretty impatient and whiny if he climbs in your lap with a book and you are talking or something and not paying attention. He wants his book read pronto; no talking to others in between readings.

I love to sit and watch him, as he walks around and plays with toys. He has the cutest looks on this face. He is a very determine little guy and does not yet quite get the concept of taking turns or "he had it first; you need to find another toy". These types of things frustrate him. He has the cutest little gait in his step, both when walking and running. Every time I take the time to just sit and watch him, I always end up smiling.

Ben loves to eat. I will always ask the boys if they are ready to eat or if they are hungry when it is time for snack or meal time. Ben immediately takes off towards the kitchen, without fail. I've never seen him turn down or ignore a snack or meal opportunity. Fortunately, he loves loves loves fruits and veggies of any kind, any that we have tried so far anyway. He is always a very good eater. The biggest clue that he is getting sick is if he is not eating, since that is the only time we have ever seen this with him.

Ben is also a snuggler. He loves to be held and loves to be snuggled and kissed. He will frequently crawl into my lap and put his little head on my shoulder, ready for his snuggle. How long he stays depends on how tired he is. It is very easy to evoke a smile from Ben. A kiss and a snuggle, a tickle, a little teasing or just looking at him and giving him a big smile and you will very likely be rewarded with a quick, beautiful smile. He has a very engaging smile, this one. He has most definitely stolen my heart.

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Jana H said...

B has changed too. I hope you and him have bonded some more. I hope you get to feeling better too.