Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 21, 2007

I took a few pictures this morning and, when I uploaded them to my laptop, I had a surprise. My husband had taken a few pictures one evening, while he was playing with the boys and I was taking a break in the other room. I thought this was especially cute, with the boys "reading" their Reader's Digest and Ben wearing the snow boots.

I have not seen any temper tantrums from Nick for a while now, which is wonderful. However, now it is Ben's turn. I think he learned a lot from watching Nick:). He can throw quite a fit these days and anything and everything seems to set him off. I have been making him sit on the little stool, rather than standing him in the corner but I may have start using the corner if I don't start seeing some improvement soon. The stool is nicer because I can still spend time with the other child. With the corner, I still have to stand nearby and make sure they stay there and the other child kind of gets ignored. I am hoping he will come around without having to use the corner but we'll see.

Yesterday Ben fell down and busted his bottom lip so he has a fat lip today that looks very sore.
One thing I started doing a few weeks ago that the boys love is to keep a couple of sippy cups full of ice water on the kitchen island, next to their little learning tower. They get so excited when they see me preparing their ice water and they climb up on their tower many times a day and drink their water. They see me drinking water all day, so they like to drink their water too. These sippy cups are insulated so they stay colder longer and I refresh them a few times a day. They have never been that interested in juice so they really only drink milk (with meals) and water throughout the day. I am glad they like to drink water. I am hoping it will help keep their teeth a little cleaner. Currently we only brush their teeth before bedtime but I really need to start brushing them at least in the mornings too. I read that having them drink water after meals/snacks is a good practice, if they do not brush after every meal/snack, so at least we're doing that.

Both boys have now learned how to take off their bibs, which I find very annoying because they do so before they are finished eating. I am trying to teach them that if they take off their bib they are all done eating but I can't do that if they really haven't eaten much yet. If they have eaten enough to get them through until the next snack time, I don't mind doing it but then I am not being consistent so it doesn't really work. I am thinking about getting out some large safety pins or maybe some superglue:).

N has been trying to learn to wink. It's quite funny to watch him try.

I have not been getting as much done around the house these days but we have clean clothes to wear, I have been getting more rest and I have been spending a lot of time with the boys, so I guess we're doing ok.

I have been so slow in getting around on some days that I even end up waiting until the boys nap at 11:00 to even get cleaned up and dressed. Today was one of those days and I almost had a big "uh oh", as I got locked out of the house this morning. I went into the garage to look for the two smallest cups that go with our stacking cups. We have not seen them since Ben took them with him in the car one day. I decided to go back into the house to get a flashlight and found that the boys had locked me out while they were playing with the door. I kept telling them to open the door, while trying to turn the knob, and eventually they finally got it open, thank goodness. I let out a big "whew!" on that one. I could just picture myself, shelping around to the neighbors house trying to find someone home, wearing my husbands huge house shoes and looking as if I just crawled out of bed, while the boys were alone and crying in the house. Needless to say, I learned a big lesson and will always take keys with me in the future.

The boys both like to try to put Mr. Potato Head's glasses on. Here is Ben in action.


Marthavmuffin said...

I am having the same issue with Jamie with the bibs. And it seems like she knows it bugs me so does it to get a rise out of me! I love the idea of the large safety pins to secure the bib. I will get some soon.

I am also have an issue with the Time Out with Jamie. I have to pretty much sit right over her and keep holding her down. Did you have that issue with your kids? How did you get them to sit and stay there?

Your boys are both so darling, and just a bit older than Jamie, so it helps me to read your blog for tips!

Lea said...


With the time out, I have taken two approaches. One approach is that, if they get up, they get a swat on the diaper and put right back in their time out spot. Some people don't agree with spanking though so another approach is that you just keep putting her back, over and over again, no matter how long it takes, until she stays there for her entire time out period. Each time she gets up, her time out period should start over. So, if her time out period is one minute, you keep putting her back until she gets the idea that she will be put back every single time until she stays. It may take a long time but she will eventually get the idea and will probably start crying in frustration but she will stay there until you tell her she can get up. I have used this approach also at times. Feel free to email me at lea@pisarik.com if you want to discuss further.

Jana H said...

Lea, it's good to see pictures of the boys. They've gotten so big, even since I've been there. I miss them so much. I miss you and Paul too. The pictures are so cute. I love the one with them on the couch. Don't worry about being on top of things all at once. Take it easy, regain your energy, and before you know it, you'll be your old self again. I'll be praying for you. I'll know you'll be fine.