Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11, 2007

I put our bean box together yesterday and it is definitely a big hit. The boys love it and they play in it so calmly, it is amazing to watch. The adults find it irresistable too:).

I have also been letting them play in the water at the kitchen sink, which they love. I put towels on the floor to catch the splashes. I would rather clean up beans than water but they really love playing in the water too.

The bean box has a really nice lid and the handles of the box close up around the lid to hold it on. It seems to be just the perfect size for two little boys.

I still need to get the plastic tweezers. That's a great idea. Thanks Lauri and Tonya for the wonderful ideas!

Here is a close up of Nick from yesterday. Hasn't he changed so much in the past 6 months?

He is such a fun little boy with a wonderful, happy personality.

Here is Ben, playing in the bean box yesterday. He tends to get bored with it faster than Nick but he enjoys it for a while. Ben is now right around the 80th percentile on the weight for height ratio chart, so we just switched him to 2% milk and are taking the steps mentioned in earlier posts to slow down his eating a bit. He never noticed the change in milk and is doing well with our new approach to slowing him down when he eats.

He is also a very happy, sweet little boy. He loves to be held and hugged. He loves to be read to a lot. He has a very quick, happy smile.

Both boys are so lovable and are offering lots of affection unprompted these days. It is so sweet and heart warming. They both love music so we listen to music every day. One of them always remembers to ask for it to be turned on.

I have been working with them on using "please" or "mommy" when they need help with something, rather than whining. They are doing well with it, although they still need reminders sometimes. They were actually doing very well with it before I got sick. We kind of took a step back on everything because of my sickness. They were even switched back to their sippy cups. I did not change them back because I thought it might be comforting to them and they needed that with all of the changes they recently experienced. I will be switching them back to cups with lids and straws and open cups soon, as they really need it to help improve their pronunciation.

Yesterday afternoon, Ben went back for his hearing test and it went very well. He passed with flying colors, once brother was not around to distract him and we had also cleaned the wax out of his ears:).

After the hearing test, Ben and Nick both had to go for more shots. Ben had two and Nick had one. It is harder now because they are starting to remember the room where they get the shots and the lady who gives them. Nick was pretty upset even before he got his shot. He knew what was coming. Ben did too but not until just before. Ben is now caught up and does not have to have any more shots until 2009. Nick has to go back in September for two more and then he will also be caught up. I really hate shot days.

Jana just left about an hour ago. We will all miss her so much. She is such a sweet and giving person and the boys had a ball playing with her every day. They are really going to miss her a lot and so will I. She was a huge help to me. My husband and I were even able to get out alone yesterday evening and go to a movie. It was really nice and only our second time to do so since January.

I am doing much better these days, although I am still not back to normal. The doctors tell me it may take several weeks to a month more before I am completely back to normal. My lung does not hurt anymore, which is great. It feels kind of tight and uncomfortable when I take deep breaths and it makes me cough. My energy level is definitely a lot better but still not back to normal yet either. One annoying leftover thing is that the back of my hand is still very sore where one of the IV's was. My husband says I need to put heat on it. I did once but I need to do it more often I guess. On my other hand, the vein that goes down the outer side of my wrist is also very sore. I think they must have taken blood from that vein once. I am wondering how long they will continue to hurt without the heat:). There is just not enough time in the day to do everything.

My mom went through at least a week of feeling very poorly from the effects of the chemo and the related drugs. Her blood pressure dropped so badly that she could not get up and around without someone helping her. She was also taking an antibiotic that was causing her to ache very badly, all over, even her teeth and ears were aching. She is now off of that and feeling much better. Her blood pressure was even better yesterday too, which was nice. Yesterday she actually called me, which was a big sign that she was feeling better. She did not even feel like talking when I called her for a while. I am off to call her now to see how she is doing today.


MMrussianadoption said...

glad you are doing better. the kids look great. I was thinking of doing the bean box as well since the kids like the rice box that Mindy brings over once a week. K is 2 1/2 and O is 20 months old.

Lauri said...

I hope your Mom is feeling better soon... glad the bean box is a huge hit... they will become more & more addicted to it...and you will find that it will keep them busy when You need a minute to yourself.

Jana H said...

Lea, I had so much fun with you and the boys. I will never forget it. I would never trade the memories I made for anything. I will miss you guys too. Thanks for everything.