Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 7, 2007

I'm sad to say that I don't have any pics of the boys playing ping pong, the day I came home from the hospital. It was so cute and I thought for sure someone took some pics with my camera. Hopefully I can get some from our friends who were recently here.

Regardless, here are some recent pics of the boys.

Nick and Ben enjoy turning Jana around in her chair.
They love doing this to anyone who will let them. It makes you dizzy pretty fast though.

Yesterday, when I went to my doctors appt, the boys received their first ever sucker. They thoroughly enjoyed them, for a little while. Nick got tired of his, after a little while, and handed it to me. Ben lost his during a diaper change and, since he forgot about it, it remained "lost".

They did pretty well when I was getting checked out. I like taking them to the doctor when they don't have to have anything done and they can just watch mom have her heart and lungs listened to. Ben got a bit upset when I had to go in for my XRay.
He is still getting upset when I leave the room without him and even doesn't want to be outside, having fun, without mom there. I just left him out there with Jana a few minutes ago and he was crying. He quit within a few minutes though and I'm sure he is having a good time now.

They took a really good, long nap today, which was great, since they woke up early. I went to the big Walmart, while they slept, and I got some groceries and also this neat sprinkler toy for them (it was on sale for $5!), which they are playing with now. I will post pics of that next time.
Don't they look like happy little campers with their first suckers?

Nick, getting a pony ride from dad.

Nick, trying to put on his PJ's. Actually, he takes both pairs of bottoms (his and Ben's) and puts one on each leg. He is definitely interested in learning to dress himself now. I am going to have to start working with him on this, since he is so into it. I leave the PJ's out, after dressing them, and it keeps Nick entertained for the longest time.

We also had another first today. When I went to get them up from their nap, he was standing in his crib. He pointed at his bottom and said "poopy". Wow! I was impressed. I have been asking them "are you pooping?" when I see them making *that* face, so they will start becoming aware of it. I guess it is working with Nick.
He tends to hit milestones early so maybe he will potty train early. The nice thing is that, when Nick learns to do something, Ben starts trying really hard to learn it too. Ben wants to keep up with Nick so it pushes him along.

The boys were having a great time *helping* clean the floors. It kept them busy for a little while, when I was not feeling that great.

Doesn't Ben look happy with himself and his mopping abilities?

This is Ben with the latest boo boo on his nose. I think this happened the same day I came home from the hospital, as it looked very fresh then. Less than one week later, it is gone. They heal so fast; it's amazing. I thought he would have a black eye but it just turned a little blue and green right in the corner and that was it. It sure didn't slow him down at all.

The boys noticed these boots in their closet that my friend from Boston sent them (thanks again CEP) and they wanted to try them on. It was so funny to watch them, since the boots are still big on them, especially with no socks. I think they might fit Nick this winter though. There is another pair but they are too little already. These guys are growing so fast, it's incredible.

Jana put the boys at the sink and let them play in the water and in some soapy bubbles. They had a ball. She gave them each a bowl to play with but Ben kept pouring water all over the floor behind him, while trying to reach the facet with the other hand. We switch the bowl for a small glass and that seemed to work better.

I would really like to find a book of fun, educational activities to do with toddlers and preschoolers. If you know of a good one, let me know.

Jana and I were in the kitchen and it got real quiet in the library so I was sure they were up to something. I peeked in and they were both sitting on this little couch, looking at their books. It was so cute....and surprising:).

I'm giving them a lot more freedom around the house these days, although I do try to keep a listening ear out to make sure they are not getting into our books or making a mess in their daddy's office, which is just across the foyer from the library. They are doing pretty good with behaving and we are all enjoying their new-found freedom.


Lauri said...

They look so big these days

have you tried having them play with dried beans? this keeps Livi occupied for a long time... fill a low shallow rubbermaid storage container ( like for storing clothes under the bed) with several bags of dried navy/pinto beans. Add spoons, measuring cups, ladels, old baby bottles and let the fun begin.

A water table for beans is also ideal because they can stand... but the low shallow container works well too. They may try to taste one.. but will soon learn that they are for playing with and will love pouring and scooping.

kate said...

They've grown so much! They look so big and so happy. What a lovely family you have.

I think "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun" has great ideas for kids who have SI issues and those who don't. it will at least get you thinking.

Tonya said...

They are so cute!

I sometimes put a towel on the kitchen floor and give Lyra a half dozen plastic cups with a little water in the bottom and let her dump water from one cup to the other, but she is a girl and there is only one of her. She just dumps water into the cups and every once in a while, she will spill on the towel. This may be a bad idea for you unless you can put them on a deck or porch where things can get wet. If you add medicine droppers (the plastic kind) they can suck up the water and squirt it back out.

Also, adding plastic tweezers to the bean idea of Lauri's is fun. It helps the child develop their writing grasp.

When they are old enough not to eat them, stringing craft beads onto a pipe cleaner is GREAT! The beads stay put and my little ones love the bracelets they can make.