Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4, 2007 Part 2

We took 6 month measurements of the boys today. The first official measurements we took was about one week after the boys came home, on Feb. 1st. Six months later, on Aug. 1st:

Ben is now 29 pounds (feels like 35:) and 34 and 3/8 inches tall.
Nick is now 24.8 pounds and 33 and 5/8 inches tall.

In this 6 month period, Ben has grown 3.38 inches and has gained 7 pounds.
In this 6 month period, Nick has grown 3.88 inches and has gained 4.8 pounds.

One of the issues I have been concerned about recently is that Ben eats way too fast. He just shovels it in, hardly taking a break between bites or swallowing everything that is in his mouth before adding more to it. He consistently finishes whatever he is eating at least in half the time it takes Nick, if not sooner. I believe he eats so fast that his body does not have the time it needs to register that he is full. He frequently finishes a good size portion of food and then says "more?".

We are now starting to address this in a couple of ways. One of the things I thought of recently is that we need to start giving him smaller portion sizes and cutting up his bites into smaller bites, so that it takes him longer to eat. I tried this today when they had their yogurt snack and it worked well. We have to think of ways to slow him down. He gets very upset if we try to physically do this while he is trying to shovel food into his mouth, so we have to get creative.

When he had his yogurt snack today, I only have him half of the container in his bowl to start with. It was great because, since the amount of yogurt in the bowl was shallower, he could not get these huge spoonfuls that he normally would get. Also, when he finished and asked for more, he was not told no, which is nice. He got the other half of the container, which made him very happy. In the end, he finished his yogurt just before Nick, which was a huge improvement. Normally, Nick is not even half way done when Ben finishes.

The other bad thing about this is that, when Ben finishes, Nick will decid he is finished too, just because he wants to get down and play, since Ben is playing. Or Ben would finish his yogurt and get a cracker and then Nick would not want the left over 60 or 75% of his yogurt, but would want a cracker instead, since Ben was only eating a cracker. I wanted Nick to eat his yogurt because he needed the protein so he wouldn't get hungry during his nap. Also, he is still a little thin and it wouldn't hurt him to eat just a bit more....not to mention all of the yogurt that was going to waste. So, it seems that these slight changes for Ben may have a good impact for Ben and Nick both.

They are both outside playing with Jana right now. They love being outside and love playing on their swing set and slide. It is so cute to watch. I watch from my bathroom window sometimes because I can't stand the heat right now. It makes it harder for me to breathe. It also allows me to have a much needed break, so that's a good thing. I will post some more pics later. Too tired to go get the camera and upload the most recent pics, but we have some cute ones of the boys playing ping pong (I hope those are on my camera).


MMrussianadoption said...

great to hear they are really progressing. Kevin used to eat that fast, but ever since his surgery he has slowed down a bit. For sandwiches, I cut them into quarters and then give him one section at a time. When he is finished with it I make sure he has swallowed the whole thing and takes a swig of milk before I give him another section. This helps a lot with the speed. He would shove 3 quarters of a pbj sand. in his mouth and then couldn't swallow. this has definitely helped.

ChandraJoy said...

Sounds like they are really flourishing with all the love and wonderful care that they are getting!

I hope that you are feeling better and better everyday. Hopefully we can get together soon!

kate said...

sounds like the boys are growing and you're feeling better. good news all around!

6blessings said...

That's some growth and weight gain! Wow! That's wonderful! The feeding ideas are great!

I'm glad you're feeling a little better, but sounds like you still have a ways to go. Take care of yourself!