Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25, 2007 Part 2

Nick and Ben, using a fork to eat their PB&J sandwich. They tend to eat more of their sandwich if they use a fork. Not sure if it is because they don't like messy hands or just a fascination with forks and spoons, although Nick does not care for messy hands and wants me to wipe them if he gets something on them.

The boys wanted to play without their shirts on. It was funny. This happened after they had been swimming in the real swimming pool.

Don't they look so big? I can't believe how much they have grown in 6 months. I bought these two pairs of Old Navy jean shorts at a second hand place for $1.30 .... not $1.30 each, but $1.30 for both! That has to be one of the best buys I have ever made.

Nick, showing off his milk mustache and maybe a milk beard too:), after drinking out of his open cup. They enjoy doing this but I only do it maybe once a day or so because they just don't drink as much that way. They end up sipping so they don't spill it and they don't drink enough. So I will keep letting them practice more and more and, eventually, we'll get there. Until then, we use the cups with a lid and straw most of the time.

The boys received a gift last week from a good friend of mine from Houston. She sent them a John Deere barn, that came with a tractor, small wagon to pull behind the tractor, bail of hay, horse, goat (which I thought was a cow at first:) and a rooster. It also came with a field of corn and, when you move the water facet to "water the corn", the corn "grows". Hard to explain but it is really cute.

The boys were anxiously watching dad put it all together and were very excited.

...and maybe a little bummed that it was taking longer than they thought it should:). They have had so much fun with this new toy.

They also have this thing about flashlights. I happened to find one the other day (well, two actually) made for 1.5 years and up. One is shaped like a zebra and the other is shaped like an alligator. When you turn them on, they make cute sounds. The alligator says "chomp chomp chomp mmmmmmmmm yum yum yum". The boys love their new flashlights and these have automatic shutoff mechanisms so hopefully we won't be having to change out the batteries as often as we have been doing for the real flashlights.


MMrussianadoption said...

they are so precious. they have definitely gotten bigger.

Lauri said...

Is B teething? he is doing that finger knawing that Livi does.

Cute pics.. they are growing up so fast

Debbie said...

They have grown so much. I like the pics while waiting for the toy. Why does it take so long to put toys together!?

Lea said...

Lauri, yes, both boys are teething. They are both getting those little pointy corner teeth in (can't remember what they are called - cuspids? - don't feel like looking it up:).

Debbie, What I really don't get is how they strap toys to the inside of the box in such a way that it takes 3 hours with a crow bar to get them out! That's just crazy!

Suz said...

Oh my goodness Lea, they've grown and changed so much!

They are just precious!