Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4, 2007

Yesterday morning the boys wanted to play with their PJ's, after I had changed them into their day clothes. So, I let them and I went into the bathroom to dispose of their dirty diapers. Soon after, I heard them pulling out the trash, which is built into our cabinets and pulls out like a drawer, only it's taller. I told them to push it back in and stay out of the trash, which they did. Later I was looking for their pajamas and could not find them anywhere. I looked in the trash and, sure enough, there they were, right on top of the coffee grounds:). My sister and her husband lost a TV remote control that way when their kids were little.

Twice, within the last week, Ben was walking through the living room not paying attention to where he was going and smacked into the wall:). One of the times I was watching him and he was looking up and kind of behind him at the TV/stereo cabinet. The other time I was not watching but just heard the big thump. Both times he walked smack dab into a wall and fell back onto his bottom. He was not hurt either time and actually had a smile on his face and I just cracked up laughing....when I think about it now, I crack up laughing again. He is such a funny kid sometimes.

We had a great time today at my grandmother's house and the boys really had fun with so many aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents around. They really handled it well and seemed to really enjoy it. They were pretty good about playing with everyone and letting some people pick them up. My sister took them for a ride up the lane in a million-year-old, little red wagon. Nick was very excited about it but Ben didn't start smiling until they were on the way back. Daddy got pictures so I will have to post some later.

Neither of them had had a nap all day so they both crashed very soon after we loaded up and left for home. We were hoping we could move them to their cribs and they might sleep a little longer when we got home but that was a no go. So they had only had about an hour nap all day long, which definitely does not meet their nap requirements.

We had not been home too long when we decided to load back up and go out to eat. We went to Fuddruckers, since I was craving a good hamburger. On our way home, it occurred to me that this was the first day since our sons came home that I did not fix a meal all day. My husband fixed the boys their breakfast and got them ready this morning so I could get myself ready (this is our church morning routine). At grandma's house, we ordered pizza and had the best homemade apple pie in the whole wide world, which my sister made (she is an awesome pie maker) and she also brought some really yummy brownies and there was ice cream. There were also many people who were willing to indulge cute little boys when mom and dad were not paying attention. I think they had more sweet stuff in one day than they had had in their entire lives. It was really a fun day and so nice to see so many of our family members.

But, back to my main point, this was the first day in over 5 months that I did not fix a meal all day long. That's a long time for someone who doesn't really enjoy cooking all that much. It really felt like a day off for me and I enjoyed that a lot. Now I know what to ask for on special days in the future.

We were all tired when we got home. We put the boys to bed early this evening, which they desperately needed.

I am lying in bed, typing this up, and I have a cat lying on my shoulder, hoping I'll stop and pet him.

Happy Independence Day!!

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ChandraJoy said...

Sounds like you all had a great day! Alli gets to where she does not like to continue her naps from the car either! I can not wait to see the pictures of them in the wagon, I bet that was priceless!