Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007

I think I just invented a new word. I have been thinking lately about introvert moms versus extrovert moms and their introvert and extrovert children. I am an introvert. When I have taken the tests in the past, I have scored just on the border of introvert/extrovert, but on the introvert side. That's when I was working and single. I think when I quit my job and we moved to Oklahoma, I took a deeper dive into introvertedness.

I do enjoy being with people and compete with the best of them, when it comes to talking up a storm. I am also usually pretty good at shooting the breeze with someone I have just met. Many people have been shocked when they have heard me say I am an introvert at heart. I guess I can play the part of an extrovert at times.

I know I am truly an introvert at heart though because, when I have spent a good deal of time with others, I end up feeling tired and I crave alone time to re-energize. My husband is the same way. We have both noticed that Ben seems to be a lot like this too. He is content to play by himself, away from others in the room, and tends to do this after spending a lot of time with others too. On the other hand, Nick seems to be the extrovert of our family. If he and Ben are in the library playing and Ben goes into the living room, Nick will soon follow, walk right over to where Ben is playing and sit down next to him and start playing with something. I have mentioned before that, if Ben is awake and Nick is sleeping, Ben is content to play by himself for a bit and let me get some things done. If Nick is awake and Ben is asleep, Nick wants to hang out with me or for me to play with him.


Lauri said...

I think I lean towards the introvert side.. I like people, but do better in small groups. I like my private time and alone time.

Livi is an extrovert... she is like a good will ambassador " Hello how are you today"... she actually forces me to be a little more outgoing when we are out and about.

Lea said...

I think N is going to be our good will ambassador. He is always waving to everyone, saying "hi" or "dye dye" to people in stores. Maybe it will be good for me, in the long run, since I have been a bit more of an introvert since quitting my job and moving here.

Esther said...

We have a mix of introverted & extroverted in our house. My husband is as introverted as you get. He only talks to people at work because he as to (LOL). Other than that, he just rejoices in being left alone & cacooning up here at home. I'm on the boarder of being an extrovert/introvert like you. I think up until a couple years ago, I felt more energized & joy being around others. Now I feel the opposite. So Now I prefer being on the introvert side of the fence. My middle son was born a complete introvert, and would even hide under his desk in kindergarten. He's come a long way, has friends, and even enjoys having friends now. My oldest & youngest sons are total extraverts.

We're a hodge podge family ;o)

jeneflower said...
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jeneflower said...

I like to be alone. When I started having kids people would say to me- to stay sane you need to get together with other moms with young children, but for me to stay sane I needed time alone and nobody could tell me how to get that. Piney wants to be with me 24/7 and that is difficult for me sometimes.