Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25, 2007

This morning, the boys learned how to climb the ladder and go down the slide by themselves, with close supervision from mom. It was very cute. They were so excited and, when it was time to come in, Nick had quite the meltdown, which wasn't so cute.

Today I thought it would be nice to get them outside to play in the morning, when it was cool, and they would be worn out for nap and would sleep really well. They got worn out alright, but sooner than I anticipated. When we got back into the house, they were both crying and it was pretty chaotic.

They calmed down and had their snack and then it was nap time, which was still pretty much on time, but they were not into it at all. Ben ended up hitting his mouth on the crib rail. I heard the "I'm hurt" wail over the baby monitor and rushed upstairs to find him bleeding. I was holding him and dabbing his lip with a kleenex and he was smiling and ready to play again. So I put him back in the crib and they both cried again when I left them. They finally settled down and are still napping, thankfully. I definitely won't be doing this again anytime soon.

When we were outside playing on Sunday evening, Nick was bitten by a mosquito near the edge of his eye brow and the outer edge of his eye. Monday it looked fine. Yesterday he woke up with a very swollen, red eye lid. It was pretty nasty looking. Doctor dad said it had gotten infected so now Nick is taking an antibiotic. It looked a little better this morning but is still swollen and red. When they played outside in their wading pool yesterday evening, we lit one of those candles that keeps the mosquitoes away. I didn't see any new bites on Nick today, yea!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your sciatica. I hope you're not on the same timeline I was on - I popped a disk about six months after we brought our two home (hint: don't try to lift the two of them off the ground together when they are lying on the sidewalk, refusing to leave the library!). I got better, but then six months later, it came back with a vengenance, I spent three months flat on my back and then had back surgery. So - do those exercises!

The exercises are pretty boring, I motivate myself to do them by listening to my two favorite radio shows while I'm doing them. (I'd never get to listen to them otherwise.)

Sue B