Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25, 2007

This morning, the boys learned how to climb the ladder and go down the slide by themselves, with close supervision from mom. It was very cute. They were so excited and, when it was time to come in, Nick had quite the meltdown, which wasn't so cute.

I never seem to get around in time to do much before their 11:00 nap time. So today I thought it would be nice to get them outside to play in the morning, when it was cool, and they would be worn out for nap and would sleep really well. They got worn out alright, but sooner than I anticipated. When we got back into the house, they were both crying and it was pretty chaotic. They calmed down and had their snack and then it was nap time, which was still pretty much on time, but they were not into it at all. Ben ended up hitting his mouth on the crib rail. I heard the "I'm hurt" wail over the baby monitor and rushed upstairs to find him bleeding. I was holding him and dabbing his lip with a kleenex and he was smiling and ready to play again. So I put him back in the crib and they both cried again when I left them. They finally settled down and are still napping, thankfully. I definitely won't be doing this again anytime soon.

I have been wanting to move their nap out so that it is after they eat lunch but they just can't seem to make it that long. They apparently are also not quite ready for a lot of activity before their nap. Whew! I learned my lesson! For now, I will leave well enough alone and continue to give them a hearty snack before their nap and lunch after their nap. Sometimes I feel that I am feeding them lunch twice. But I guess we will go with this for now.

When we were outside playing on Sunday evening, Nick was bitten by a mosquito near the edge of his eye brow and the outer edge of his eye. Monday it looked fine. Yesterday he woke up with a very swollen, red eye lid. It was pretty nasty looking. Doctor dad said it had gotten infected so now Nick is taking an antibiotic. It looked a little better this morning but is still swollen and red. When they played outside in their wading pool yesterday evening, we lit one of those candles that keeps the mosquitoes away. I didn't see any new bites on Nick today, yea!

I had my first physical therapy session for my back yesterday. It went well and the guy really knows what he is doing. He gave me a ton of exercises, of which I will find it a challenge to do each day, because there are sooo many of them. I did them during nap time yesterday and my back hurt worse afterwards. I guess that is to be expected for a while. I will go back in a week. He plans to add more exercises. It has occurred to me that, in order for this to work, I will have to continue to do these "core strengthening" exercises FOREVER. Yuck. I'm so not into this.

I mean, really, how many things can you fit into one nap time??!! I like to eat my lunch when the boys are napping and I like to watch a bit of news and maybe spend a little time on the computer. Sometimes I plan the rest of our day and dinner during this time. And then there is a bit of house cleaning and laundry that sometimes needs to be done and sometimes some outside chores. There is also any phone conversations, because there is just no way to have a decent conversation when the boys are awake. So that includes talking to friends and family and scheduling any appointments to fix something around the house or doctors or whatever (I still have not scheduled an appointment to have my hair highlighted!). And all of this has to be done during a two hour nap!! Some of it can be done in the morning, before they wake up, depending on how long they sleep that day. Some of it can be done in the evening, when my husband gets home. But there is very little time during those two time frames to get anything done. And now, I have to add these exercises that I should be doing twice a day....for the rest of my life! Again, I say Yuck. There is just not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done, but I guess that is just the life of a parent, right? Yes, I am still learning.

I am continuing to work on our post placement reports. Our SW made a first stab at them and had finalized them and had them notarized last week. Turns out she left out sections 2 - 4 of the report and she did one report for both boys, which is not acceptable for Russian adoptions. I sent her a list of typos and other corrections that I wanted included, when she redid them, and asked her to email the next version to me for review before finalizing them. She emailed them to our adoption agency for their review but not to me. Our adoption agency wanted my approval before they were OK with them so our SW sent them to me for review. I reviewed them this morning. She had corrected the typos but had not included any of the other things I had requested to section 1. After reviewing sections 2 - 4, I sent her my original list of requested changes for section 1, in addition to a couple of things for sections 2 - 4.

I don't mean to be picky about this post placement report but I was a bit frustrated because we had not even discussed many of the things she wrote. It felt like she was just putting in some canned phrasing, rather than really discussing it with me and putting in something accurate for us. Next time we do our post placement report, I will have a copy of our agency's guidelines in front of me and make sure I talk through each section with her.

Maybe nobody really reads these anyway. I don't know. But if we have to do them and we have to pay to have them done, I feel that it should be accurate and honest, even if that means a little more work.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your sciatica. I hope you're not on the same timeline I was on - I popped a disk about six months after we brought our two home (hint: don't try to lift the two of them off the ground together when they are lying on the sidewalk, refusing to leave the library!). I got better, but then six months later, it came back with a vengenance, I spent three months flat on my back and then had back surgery. So - do those exercises!

The exercises are pretty boring, I motivate myself to do them by listening to my two favorite radio shows while I'm doing them. (I'd never get to listen to them otherwise.)

Sue B