Friday, July 06, 2007

July 6, 2007

Yesterday was a busy day and very productive. We went back to our two nap a day schedule, since the boys have not had enough sleep lately and it was VERY obvious that they needed more.

I made homemade banana chocolate chip muffins yesterday morning. I put walnuts in all but four of them and "marked" the four without walnuts (for the boys) with a bit of batter on that side of the muffin pan. As I took them out of the oven, I was so pleased with myself because I knew exactly which four did not have walnuts. (Last time I made them I lost track of this when they went in the oven.) I let them cool for 3 minutes, as the recipe indicated, and then turned the pan upside down and shook them out (is shook a word??)....and then realized I just lost track of which ones had no walnuts. Upon very close inspection, I was able to pick them out. They are delicious and the boys and I all enjoyed them for our afternoon snack (or "nack", as the boys say:).

N had a bit of trouble behaving yesterday and I think it was mostly because he was so overtired. He woke up during the night (Wed night), around 11:30, screaming and crying. He has done this in the past but is normally able to comfort himself and fall back to sleep before I could even make it upstairs. This time he was escalating with no signs of self comfort so I went up and rocked him for a little while.

When we were at my grandmother's house, my cousin took him outside for a little while to show him some moo cows. I was not thinking about how that might impact him, since had only just met her. They were outside long enough that my husband went out to see where they were. N tends to be more clingy to my husband and I until he gets to know someone a little better. He stays nearby and keeps his eye on us when he is around people he does not know very well. He did great with just playing with family in the living room floor, at my grandmother's, but I suspect that going out with my cousin for a little while, without mom or dad around, may have freak him out just a little bit. I could be wrong but, you just never know. Anyway, he went back to sleep pretty easily and last night he slept fine. We'll see how he does today.

While the boys were napping yesterday morning, I weeded the flower beds in the front of the house, or at least some of them. They were pretty bad and it was very hot and humid. I collected a kitchen trash bag full of weeds and there is still more to do. I couldn't believe how bad the weeds were. One thing about waiting so long to weed though is that you sure can find them and grab hold of them easily because they are so tall:).

We had another intense thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon. The boys were both scared of all of the thunder and the wind blowing the trees so hard. We sat in the big rocking chair and listened to children's Christian music and I sang to them. It was sweet and I just stay really calm and talk about the wind and thunder. I was saying "boom boom" to the thunder and N started saying "boom boom" over and over. So I asked him if he liked the "boom boom" and he shook his head no, very emphatically. The electricity flashed out twice, which made our stereo go off, but I just kept singing. They really enjoy it when I sing. It's cute the way they will sometimes stare at me as if they are shocked that such nice sounds could come from momma's mouth:).

Tonya, I tried one of your suggestions today. The boys were in their high chairs and just finishing up their lunch and I was sweeping the kitchen floor but not finished. So I cleared their lunch plates and gave them each a small toy and a book and told them to play with their toy and read their book until I finished sweeping the floor. They have seen me sweep the floor before so I think they understood what I was telling them. I fully expected them to complain and throw their books/toys to the floor. They completely surprised me. They sat very nicely and played with their toys and read their books the whole time I swept. I did not hear one complaint. I complimented them as I swept and it didn't take too long so it was a very good first try. Thanks for the suggestion! It worked like a charm. It certainly beat the way I had been doing it in the past. If I swept the floor when they were awake, it was a battle to keep them out of the dirt.

I'm still thinking about the Veggie Tales idea. Thanks for your suggestions and if you have any others, let me know.

Gotta run. The boys are awake.


jeneflower said...

What a great idea to give them something to play with in their high chair while you clean. Sometimes it can be so difficult when they are underfoot!

Tonya said...

Good! :) I'm glad it worked. Mine always do better with some sort of structure for a few minutes while I work. It's nice to have them where they can see you too. They don't feel left out:)

Marthavmuffin said...

I am so glad to hear that others do this! Sometimes I feel bad that my agenda comes before hers when I leave her in the high chair while i finish the dishes. But she is fine! And you are right Tonya, she is much happier in the kitchen with me where she can see me, and we will get to her toys soon enough!