Friday, July 06, 2007

July 6, 2007

I made homemade banana chocolate chip muffins yesterday morning. I put walnuts in all but four of them (for the boys).  They are delicious and the boys and I enjoyed them for our afternoon snack (or "nack", as the boys say:).

We had another intense thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon. The boys were both scared of all of the thunder and the wind blowing the trees so hard. We sat in the big rocking chair and listened to children's Christian music and I sang to them. It was sweet and I just stay really calm and talk about the wind and thunder. I was saying "boom boom" to the thunder and N started saying "boom boom" over and over. So I asked him if he liked the "boom boom" and he shook his head no, very emphatically. The electricity flashed out twice, which made our stereo go off, but I just kept singing. They really enjoy it when I sing.


jeneflower said...

What a great idea to give them something to play with in their high chair while you clean. Sometimes it can be so difficult when they are underfoot!

Tonya said...

Good! :) I'm glad it worked. Mine always do better with some sort of structure for a few minutes while I work. It's nice to have them where they can see you too. They don't feel left out:)

Marthavmuffin said...

I am so glad to hear that others do this! Sometimes I feel bad that my agenda comes before hers when I leave her in the high chair while i finish the dishes. But she is fine! And you are right Tonya, she is much happier in the kitchen with me where she can see me, and we will get to her toys soon enough!