Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11, 2007 Part 2

I started writing this the other day but then got interrupted and am just now getting back to it. The other day, we went to the sprinkler park at a nearby city park. The boys had a fun time. I was constantly on alert, making sure I could see them both and trying to make sure they did not get mowed down by the big kids. It's a nice little sprinkler park. I think we will enjoy it more when the big kids go back to school, which is in mid-August around here. Nick, wearing the orange cap, is going through the blue hoops in this picture.

This is when we first arrived. Ben was a bit timid about getting wet but after I helped him out a little, he was really into it.

Nick does not need any help when it comes to getting wet. He absolutely loves the water. I got a great deal on their little caps so they no longer have to wear my big caps. These are the cute little sandals I got the good deal on at the GAP also. Ben's are rubbing his feet and causing sores on the insides of his little feet so I had to put him back into his old ones for now.

Nick contemplating whether or not to walk under the big fountain of water coming out of the snakes mouth. He got in it a little and would run back out.

Watching the big kids enjoying the big splashes from the buckets. The water cycles around the different sprinkler activities so the big kids are running from one thing to the next.

Fortunately there is a little bit of water still squirting from the snake and a couple of other activities when the water moves on. The boys don't need a lot of water to have fun and they like to play with the bit that is still squirting from the snake and the blue rings.

My niece came over for a visit on Thursday morning and left this morning (Saturday). She is really great with the boys and they just love her. They had so much fun playing with her and, man, did it make things a lot easier for me! What a difference an extra set of helping hands makes.

The boys like to look through the Reader's Digest. I am using these magazines to teach them not to tear pages in books. They are doing pretty well with this.

We cut their hair on Wednesday night. Ben has a lot of hair and it grows very fast. My husband is getting pretty good at cutting hair. He cuts everything except the front, which I cut. He also cuts my hair, except for the front and he does a really good job. My hair is so curly that it's hard to see a mistake, which is not the case with the boys. We are still learning but it's going pretty well. They are looking like such big boys lately. I can't believe how quickly they are changing.

In other news, our ice maker stopped working and Sear's can't get out to fix it for a couple of weeks so we are buying ice. The wood peckers pecked holes in our stucco-stuff on the chimney. This had been going on for a while and I think they might have even had a nest in there at one point because I heard lots of tweeting going on up there. Sometimes they would attempt to peck the metal part of the chimney and it would sound as if there was a jack hammer going off up there. It was interesting. Anyway, we paid a couple hundred dollars to have it fixed yesterday. Most of the expense was for the material, of which you have to buy a large bucket because they don't sell small buckets, but it is suppose to stay good for at least a year or so. This house looks just like stucco but it is not really stucco. Stucco is a mud-type substance on top of concrete. This stuff is some other substance that is purchased from a dealer and it goes on top of a styrofoam type of material, or something like that. Anyway, it's not suppose to get wet:). The guy was suppose to leave the material, in case we need it again, since we paid for it (it is highly likely the wood peckers will return), but he didn't. I have tried to call him but he is not answering his phone now. Hmmm. I have a bad feeling about this.

So far, this house has been a bit of a money pit, as far as maintenance goes. We bought it and moved in about a year and a half ago and have had an unending list of things that need to be fixed. My husband is still working on sanding, repairing and repainting all of the window sills on the outside of the house. It looks like the prior owners never did this or, if they did, they never did it right. All of the upstairs window sills and some of the downstairs window sills have had quite a bit of wood rot. The prior owners had also planted the beds around the house way to high, so it was overlapping the stucco-like material by quite a bit in lots of areas. This has been a huge job too because we have not only had to lower it but also fix water drainage issues in many cases. What a mess. The prior owners had a new roof put on the house and the roofers damaged the gutters in many places so we are fixing that also and the roof is leaking a bit above the boys' room (we already had one leak in that area fixed). I could go on and on but I won't. It is frustrating. This house was built in 1998 or 1999, so it's not really that old but I guess that's around the time that everything needs to start being repaired/repainted, especially when it was not maintained for years. It does not seem that the prior owners did much maintenance around here. I think we will eventually get caught up with everything and this kind of work will slow down a bit. We will likely have a fairly peaceful fall and winter, as far as house maintenance goes.

In the meantime, I am hoping the busy wood peckers will stick to the trees.

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Jana H said...

Lea, the picures of the boys are so cute. They just get bigger and bigger everytime I see them. I love their little swimming trunks and their hats. They're adorable. Thanks for the help with the pictures. It helped a lot.