Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007

Nick has a little stuffed giraffe that we got in Russia and he just loves it and sleeps with it all the time. Quite some time ago, I started calling it his "buddy", since lovey just sounded a little girlie to me and every boy should have a buddy:). Anyway, I have noticed lately that he seems to call it his "Ya Ya", which really surprised me because it does not sound anything like "buddy". When he says "bye bye", it sounds more like "dye dye" so, if he was trying to say buddy, I would think it would sound like it started with a "d". So when he was just getting ready for nap, I could not find it anywhere. He was in his crib saying "Ya Ya?, Ya Ya?". It broke my heart that I could not find it. He was not crying about it or anything but he definitely wanted to know where it was. When I finally found it, I sneaked into his room and put it in his crib right next to him:). I love to watch them sleep:).

(Note: Later I found out that "Ya Ya" means "mine" in Russian.:)


kate said...

lea, since "ya" means "I" in Russian, it's also babytalk for "mine". ;>

that said, i know a lot of english speaking kiddos who have a ya-ya, too.

Lea said...

Thanks Kate! That's great to know. I forgot to ask if either of the boys was speaking any Russian before they left. I wish I had asked that question. I kind of assumed they weren't, since they seemed so young to me, but I think they were old enough to have been speaking a few words. They haven't started the "mine" in English yet though and I wonder when that will begin.

Regardless of his meaning, it's really cute:).

Lauri said...

Yes.... Livi started calling her Lovey " Ya-Ya" shortly after we came home.... I heard that it means "Mine" as well.

Livi only said a few Russian words once we were home-" Da, Ya-ya and a word for Give-me"

Debbie said...

On the missing post if you edit it there is a spot on the botton left corner that says "post options" click it and you can change the date. That's why it posted with the date you started.
Off to read the rest of your post now.