Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17, 2007 Part 3

This is a "happy face". When I ask Nick to show me his happy face, this is what I get, along with an "eeee", of which I am not sure exactly what that is suppose to mean...but it's cute.

Do you think this child loves hats?? He loves to play with hats and wear hats around the house. He had these two hats on for quite a while.

And here is the other happy face. Ben would rather not wear his hat. These little guys are opposites in soooo many ways.

Here is a picture of the boys, sitting on a rug in our bathroom, while mom gets ready for the day. They do very well with this but I have only done it twice so far. My preference is to have my stuff done when they wake up but I am not always that on the ball. This makes for a nice back up plan. We keep lots of little toys in the pictured lock box and they forget to play with them so this makes a good thing to keep them busy for a while.

Sorry for the bad focus in this picture but I could not resist including it. This is Nick, trying to figure out how to put this toe-divider thingy (used for toe nail painting) between his toes. I got quite a kick out of this. Ben did it too but I was not fast enough to get his picture.

So Ben decided to try to balance an octagon on his toe and he was really good at it.

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kate said...

Talent. Pure, toe-talent.