Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3, 2007 Part 2

We finally got out of the house and went to the mall this morning. It was our first trip to the mall since our sons have been home and it went very well.

The boys found the experience very interesting and especially enjoyed being able to see the people downstairs through the glass rail/barrier thing, as we were strolling along upstairs.

We went to Baby Gap and found some great deals. They were having a really good sale on some of their summer things. They had some really cute T shirts for less than $5 each. They are really soft too, which I love. We also got some cute sandals for less than $8, which was even less than the $10 per pair we have been paying for the sandals at Target. These look much nicer and they have plenty of growing room, so hopefully they will be able to wear them through the rest of the summer. We also got two little caps that are too cute and they were also on sale. Yay! I love sales!

The boys and I shopped at Baby Gap and then went for a snack, which was way too expensive...next time we will hit the food court, rather than the nice coffee eatery with wireless Internet access. After that, we went to the regular Gap and one or two other stores, very quickly. Luckily, I am a very fast shopper. I hate slow shopping. I really don't care much for shopping at all but sometimes it is a necessary evil:).

The boys were starting to get a bit restless again so we went to the little kids playground that our mall has. I knew it was there but had never really paid much attention to what it was like. It was really nice for a quick play time and I'm sure we will be regular visitors. It made me nervous though, to be there by myself with two toddlers who are both pretty quick. There is only one entrance/exit but it can still be a bit challenging to keep your eye on two at once. There were two very short time frames when I lost sight of Ben and my heart skipped a beat. We left soon after that. Next time we will have to try to go during a time when it is less busy, such as earlier in the morning or something. The boys really loved it though. They had a great time.

They also really enjoyed the elevator, which has glass on three sides so they could watch as we went up and down. I met a very nice lady and her two little boys on the elevator and we talked for a few minutes. I wish she lived around here but, alas, she does not. She and her husband are missionaries and are considering adopting a girl. I wish we had had more time to talk. She seemed very sweet and interesting.

After the playground, we went into a couple more shops very quickly, but the boys were getting pretty tired by this time so we headed home. The mall is only about 4 or 5 miles from our house but Nick still fell asleep on the way home. I really wanted them to eat before going down for nap and, based on past experience, was worried that Nick would start melting down on me before we got that far. But he ended up doing very well. I fixed them a chicken pot pie because it is quick and they love it. They ate most of it but the funniest thing was, when Nick was almost done, he picked out the rest of the peas and carrots and ate them and left the rest of the crust. These veggie-loving boys, I am continually amazed at their veggie eating.

Anyway, the boys are sleeping and I am going to do a bit of lifebooking. Have a happy day:).


Debbie said...

Bob (the tomato) and Larry (the cucumber) those are the 2 main ones. There's also Junior (the asparagus). That's all I remember.

The mall trip sounds fun. Sounds like the boys did very well. Great bargains.

Jana H said...

Lea, I'm so glad you got to get out of the house yesterday. You need that. I'm glad the boys got to play. I'm also glad you got good bargains. Those are always very appreciated. I think it's so funny that N fell asleep on the way home from the mall. He may be the type that sleeps a lot when he gets older. I think the veggie nicknames are a good idea. It doesn't seem right calling them B and N.

ChandraJoy said...

I'm glad you all got out of the house! Yay for great deals!! I agree finding nicknames sounds like a good idea! I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

Tonya said...

oh, *I* can cover you on veggietales names. You tell me the veggie and I'll tell you the name. Carrot? Asparagas? Egg Plant? French Pea?

Your Independence day sounds delightful. I let go of any idea's I have about nutrition for the kids on those days. Everyone is always poking something sweet into their mouths. lol.

kate said...

I love veggietales! Hmmm...from what you've said about your boys, I'd go with Jimmy and Jerry as the boys' veggie names. (Although Bob and Larry would be more readily recognizable...)

(The French peas crack me up!)