Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007

My husband took Friday off so we had a three day weekend, which was nice. On Friday, he spent the morning working outside. After the boys went down for their nap, I left him with the monitor and took off for a bite to eat and a movie. I saw No Reservations and I really liked it, although it was a bit sad in places, which I didn't need.

I had talked to my sister that morning and she felt that our grandmother was not doing well at all and that we should really plan to visit her in the hospital soon. Also, my husband was taking off in the afternoon for a men's retreat so I was going to be on my own with the boys the rest of Friday and most of Saturday. I don't mind being on my own with the boys but I am still feeling a bit low energy and, as hot as it has been here lately, it has gotten a bit boring around our house. Mostly, the news about my grandmother had me already feeling a bit teary so the movie added to that a bit. Other than that, I really liked the movie and enjoyed my time out of the house. When I got home, my husband was feeding the boys so I took an additional hour alone in our bedroom to catch up on some reading. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon and just the break I needed before my husband took off for his retreat.

Saturday morning, the boys and I got around a bit earlier than normal and were able to enjoy some time outside before it got too hot. They played in their sandbox while I did some weeding of the flowerbeds. Then they just enjoyed some playtime, running around in the yard and playing with the hose. They were both soaked when we came in so I threw their clothes in the dryer while they had their snack. It was a fun morning for all of us and I felt better that we were able to get outside for a little while, although I was dragging a bit because I had not slept well that night. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful. The boys were happy when daddy got home. I was happy too and I slept much better that night.

It's funny because we have a house alarm but I still don't sleep well when my husband is not home. On Saturday night, our electricity went out for about an hour and a half, from around 9:00 to around 10:30. I was sooo glad that didn't happen the night before, when I was here with the boys alone.

We decided to go visiting on Sunday. We surprised my grandmother at the hospital and she was especially happy to get to see the boys. They were so well behaved too. We did not stay too long though because she had been sitting up in a chair for a while and, by the time they got her back in her bed, she was very tired.

I have a whole new perspective on being in the hospital and not feeling like visiting, now that I have been through it. I really felt for her because it is obvious that she has been and still is in an enormous amount of pain. They give her pain medicine and it helps but does not eliminate all of the pain. Any time she moves, sneezes, coughs or anything, she is in a lot of pain. For those of you who don't know, she fell recently and broke (or fractured, not sure?) her pelvis bone in a couple of places and she is 95 years old. She is unable to support any of her own weight now and it will probably take at least two months to heal. Unfortunately, two months of not being able to walk may mean she loses so much strength that she will not be able to walk again. They want her to spend time sitting in a chair to reduce her chances of getting pneumonia from laying in bed too much.

Our next stop was at my mom's house. She is so cute. She had cleaned off her coffee table, which usually has lots of pictures and pretties on it, and she had put out two good size tubs and each contained lots of bowls, spoons, spatulas, measuring cups, etc. for the boys to play with. They really enjoyed it a lot. My sister came over and played with them too. My husband spent some time working on mom's bathtub, fixing the caulking between the tub and the wall and hooking up a shower head that can also be hand held and has a long hose so mom can use it in her bathtub. She gets very weak after her chemo treatments and getting in and out of her bathtub becomes very difficult, if not impossible, not to mention dangerous. She takes baths, not showers, so we got her one of those chairs that fits into the bathtub. So now she can sit on the chair and use the hand held shower thingy to wash herself, which should be easier and less risky. She is really losing her hair now and I can tell it is very hard for her. I know it would be for me too. She tries to take it in stride and makes jokes about it once in a while but I know it bothers her. She goes for her second chemo treatment tomorrow.

For those of you who believe in prayer, if you would raise up a prayer for my grandmother and my mom, I would greatly appreciate it.

We finally got some rain, yay!!, and it cooled down considerably yesterday. It was so nice and I just loved seeing all of the clouds. We really needed that. We had fun running our errands in the rain yesterday morning, before we went visiting. It wasn't raining hard, just sprinkling at the time, but it was also windy and we all enjoyed being out in it. It just felt so good. What a relief, after all of the hot, hot days we have had recently.

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