Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27, 2007

We have been stuck in the house for way to long now. Hopefully the rain will clear up, at least for a little while today. It is so hard to get out of the house with two little ones, without getting drenched. Also, we have been sick of course, and I don't like getting them out when they are sick. I don't feel good about exposing others and I think it's better for the sickies to be resting at home, as much as little ones rest. I wish I had their energy!

The boys are still sleeping but I am hoping that they will both be waking up with no fever today. We took temps before bed last night and Nick was normal and Ben was still running around 100 degrees. He slept well last night though, so hopefully today he will be feeling good again. I am still running around 100 degrees myself and was feeling pretty rough yesterday afternoon.

I felt so bad for Ben yesterday though. He wanted to eat so badly, whereas Nick was totally not interested when he had such a high fever. I just kind of followed Ben's lead, letting him try what he wanted to try. He wanted the chicken pot pie that I fixed for them for lunch and he had one bite and then couldn't seem to eat anymore, although he kept looking at it like he wanted it. Then he kept wanting milk (he had water) so I finally gave him some and it made him happy. He held the cup for a while and then gave it back to me:).  They ate some crackers but were not very interested in cheese or apple slices for snack. Ben had mostly saltine crackers but he wanted so much more and I could tell he was really bummed. Hopefully he will be able to eat a little more today. I think I'll try serving chicken noodle soup again and see how that goes over today.

This rain is never ending. Their little swimming pool is about to overflow with water now and it just keeps coming down. Last year at this time, we were in the middle of a major drought. I guess you just have to look at the average:), although I'm sure the farmers are really struggling.

I have been pulling out the stops, trying to find fun things for the boys to do. Yesterday we got out all of the wooden blocks (we normally keep a subset of them accessible because they used to throw them and put the long skinny ones in their mouths...may need to reconsider that now because they seem to handle them better yesterday) and we also got out all of the plastic mega blocks, which they really enjoyed. We also have only been keeping a subset of those available because they could not put them together very well but we probably need to reconsider that too because they are pretty good at this now. Get ready for a messier house:). I will really have to relax about this and pray about it a lot!

The boys should be awake anytime now so I must get ready for my day to start. Hope you all have a great day today!

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