Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21, 2007 Part 2

We spent a lot of time outside today.  After they woke from nap and ate, the boys and I went outside and they played in their little swimming pool for a while. Then they got out and just played in the yard for a while. So they got to spend a good deal of time outside today, which was great. I think it's good for kids to spend a lot of time playing outside.

Today was a very long day, since the boys woke up an hour to an hour and half earlier than usual and they just took one nap. So, right now, my husband is playing with the boys and I am taking a little break but I'm getting ready to join them because it is time to take the boys upstairs and get them ready for bed. They should sleep really well tonight....and so should I:).

One of the things I really love about being a stay at home mom is that tomorrow is always a brand new day and I get to start with a clean slate. I love that. Really, every time the kids wake up from nap, we are starting a clean slate, which is great. I really love the time right after they first wake up. Sometimes we sit and rock and sometimes they just want to start playing right away but they are always in such a great mood and it is just a really special time.

Saturday the boys will have been home for 6 months. They are growing so fast, I still just can't believe how much they have changed in the past 6 months. I love seeing their little personalities emerge. It is awesome!

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