Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4, 2007

I'm not the type of mom who worries about her kids all the time. I don't jump up every time it looks like they might fall, unless it is a dangerous situation. I don't sit around, worrying about whether they might get kidnapped or things like that. I really just have not worried about them much at all. I know that God gave these little guys to us for a short time and He is in control. I tend to be a detail oriented person and I am normally a very good multi-tasker, so that probably helps too.

All that being said, I had two close calls recently. One close call was this morning and the other was yesterday and they both just about scared me to death.

Yesterday, the boys and I were outside playing in the yard. I had set up their little pool and they were throwing things in and getting them out again and just having a good time (the water was too cold to swim). After a while, they became bored and started looking for something else to do. They started walking around the yard (they have gotten so much better at this by the way. Nick can even run up the small incline in our yard now) and noticed the swing set in the backyard. It had been a few weeks since we had gone back there to play. We've had a lot of rain over the past several weeks so we have had very little outside time lately. Anyway, they wanted to go to the backyard to play on the swing set, which was cute, since this is the first time they had really asked to do this. So we went back there and I wiped the swings down with a towel I was carrying. I was trying to get the cobwebs off of them so I was swinging the towel around and swatting the swings with it. Then I put the boys in their swings and pushed them for a while. They enjoyed the swinging for a while and then they wanted out to try the slide. So I wiped down the slide and helped each of them slide a few times. I would picked one of them up and put them on the slide, about half way down, and then hold their hands while they slid down. They are not quite at the point where they can go up the steps and slide down on their own. But they really enjoyed their mini-sliding and I think they are starting to get the hang of keeping their balance while sliding.

After sliding, they wanted to swing again. So I loaded them back up in their swings and we did that again for a while. After a few more minutes, Ben wanted out but Nick didn't, so I was holding Ben and we were both pushing Nick and they both thought that was fun. (Side note: Nick had such a beautiful, open mouthed smile on his face during this time of swinging; it was a look of pure joy and I wished I could have had a picture of him like that.)

Then I saw it....a yellow jacket wasp landed on the slide. At first, I didn't think much about it. I just thought (and said out loud) that we need to have daddy look for wasp nests. After seeing it fly around for a bit, I remembered something important. When we went to pick this swing set up from the person who gave it to us, there was a huge wasp nest under the platform above the slide. We didn't realize it was there and started breaking down the swing set. The wasps swarmed out and we all took off running but the lady who gave us the swing set was stung several times. So, as I was still holding Ben and pushing Nick in the swing, I bent over so I could see under the platform above the slide. We were standing right next to it and Nick was in the swing closest to the slide platform. There, right in front of me, was a huge wasp nest with lots of yellow jacket wasps covering it.

I immediately put Be down, away from the slide, got Nick out of the swing as quickly as possible and took the boys back to the side yard. We were so fortunate that these wasps never came out and swarmed us....actually, I was fortunate twice in one day, as I mowed the yard during nap time, so I was mowing on all sides of the slide platform. It is amazing really, that these wasps never swarmed in either situation. The boys must have realized from my demeanor that something was wrong because they didn't protest our abrupt departure very much.

Afterwards, I kept thinking of all of the what-if's and it really tore me up. It was so scary to think of those wasps swarming when the kids were there, especially in their swings, since they are belted into bucket seats and it takes a while to get them out. Even now it makes me cringe to think of what might have happened. Needless to say, we won't be going into the backyard again until my husband has a chance to get rid of the nest. We are also talking about how we might change the design of the platform a bit so the wasps would not have such an ideal location to build a nest. Hopefully we can figure something out soon, as it seems the boys are now getting to the age where they are really going to start enjoying playing on the swing set.

Today's event was just as scary, although this time it was my own carelessness that almost caused a very painful situation. We bought some navy blue curtains for the boys' bedroom, with hopes that they will keep the sun out a little more thoroughly than the blinds and also maybe some of the heat. The boys frequently wake up much earlier on very sunny mornings than they do on cloudy mornings and, from today's nap, I suspect that the curtains are also going to help them fall asleep more quickly at nap time. They have made a pretty big difference in how light the room is.

Anyway, the boys were having fun playing in their bedroom. I had hung a curtain rod above their window and then put up the ironing board to iron the curtains. The ironing board was sitting just in front of a shorter (shorter than the ironing board) night stand. Since the curtains took up the entire length of the ironing board, I was setting the iron on the night stand intermittently, for very short periods of time, as I adjusted the curtain I was ironing. (I know you can guess what happened next.) Before I knew it, Nick was right there next to the night stand and reaching out to touch the very hot iron. I very quickly pulled the iron away from him and said "no" with a very scared look on my face. He was looking at my face and saw that scared, horrified look and he jerked his hand back and started crying. I thought he had touched the iron with his thumb, so I quickly picked him up, took him to the bathroom (only a few steps away) and prepared to put his hand under cold water. Before I could do that, he had stopped crying and started wanting to play with things on the bathroom counter, so I knew he was fine. He had not burned his thumb after all. He had cried because he was scared from the frightened look I had on my face.

I was so relieved. As I finished my ironing, I was much more careful to ensure the iron was no where near their reach and I also said several prayers of thanks to God for watching out for them and keeping them safe. I am so thankful. I would have felt terrible if they had been hurt in either of those situations but even more so if Nick had been burned by that iron from my carelessness.

So, those were my two frightening close calls, in addition to some of the things we did this weekend. We had a nice weekend but I could have done without these two events. I still won't be a hovering, over-protective, worrying kind of mom but I will try to be a bit more careful about thinking ahead in risky situations. I think I normally do this and am very very careful in risky situations, such as kids in the bath or around the little swimming pool, etc., but I certainly did not think through the ironing situation carefully enough and I will definitely be more cautious going forward. Fortunately, I hardly ever have to iron anything, although there are a few clothes in my closet that have not been worn for a long while because they need to be ironed. Next time, I will do my ironing when the boys are napping.

The water in the little pool was being heated by the sun this morning so the boys will get to play in it for the first time this afternoon. They are going to have so much fun in this little pool. They both love the water and love to splash and don't seem to mind when they splash the water in their face. I still need to find our old pool toys that are stored away somewhere in the garage. I had a pretty good collection from buying a few each year when I lived in Houston and my sister, mom and some of my nieces and nephew would come to visit for a week each summer. They would come for a week and we would swim in the townhouse pool every day and do fun stuff around Houston all week. It was a great tradition for about 10 or 12 years, until we moved to Oklahoma and now we live within 1.5 hours from them and we no longer have pool access.

Still yet, after we had moved here last year, sometime around spring time, my little nephew and one of my nieces were both questioning when they were going to come and stay a week with us. It was really cute. My sister told them they would not being doing that anymore, now that we live nearby. Instead, they come and spend a night or two or three (or more) here and there throughout the year and we get to see them much more often than we used to. It's nice to be near family and I look forward to letting our sons have sleepover stays with my sister. I have such great memories of doing this type of thing when I was little and I know my nieces and nephew have great memories of going to Houston every summer. Those are some of the things that just put a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart and I look forward to that for our sons.

Guess I kind of got off the topic here a bit, surprise surprise:).


jenny said...

I followed the link from the 3 sons and a princess blog post you left. I enjoyed reading your posts, and I couldn't resist scrolling down to see some pictures of your sons. I also had to keep looking to see how old they were. They're really cute!

My sister is in OK, although she might still consider Texas her home. But she and I were born in TN! Her kids are little (4 and almost 2) and really enjoy a little pool in the back yard, too. Mine are a lot bigger---11 and 8! We have to go enjoy a big pool now.

Anyway, I enjoyed visiting your blog. Have a great time with those boys.

Lea said...

Thanks Jenny! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!