Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4, 2007

Yesterday, the boys and I were outside playing in the yard. I had set up their little pool and they were throwing things in and getting them out again and just having a good time (the water was too cold to swim)

They wanted to go to the backyard to play on the swing set so we went back there and I put the boys in their swings and pushed them for a while. They enjoyed the swinging for a while and then they wanted out to try the slide. So I helped each of them slide a few times. I would pick one of them up and put them on the slide, about half way down, and then hold their hands while they slid down. They are not quite at the point where they can go up the steps and slide down on their own. But they really enjoyed their mini-sliding and I think they are starting to get the hang of keeping their balance while sliding.

After sliding, they wanted to swing again. So I loaded them back up in their swings and we did that again for a while. After a few more minutes, Ben wanted out but Nick didn't, so I was holding Ben and we were both pushing Nick and they both thought that was fun. Nick had such a beautiful, open mouthed smile on his face during this time of swinging; it was a look of pure joy and I wished I could have had a picture of him like that.

They love playing outside.


jenny said...

I followed the link from the 3 sons and a princess blog post you left. I enjoyed reading your posts, and I couldn't resist scrolling down to see some pictures of your sons. I also had to keep looking to see how old they were. They're really cute!

My sister is in OK, although she might still consider Texas her home. But she and I were born in TN! Her kids are little (4 and almost 2) and really enjoy a little pool in the back yard, too. Mine are a lot bigger---11 and 8! We have to go enjoy a big pool now.

Anyway, I enjoyed visiting your blog. Have a great time with those boys.

Lea said...

Thanks Jenny! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!