Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27, 2007 Part 2

The boys woke up at 9:00 today, second day in a row. Must be because it is so dark outside because of the clouds and rainy weather. They went down for their nap around noon and are still sleeping, so I have had a nice break to get a few things done this afternoon.
It has been a nice and relaxing day so far. Nick is back to his sweet, jolly, very active self that I love and adore. Ben still had around 100 degrees fever but, after his motrin, he was running around playing, almost like normal. He is not quite as smiley and happy as normal though and I miss that...I'm sure he does too. Both boys are eating better today. I am feeling much better today too, even though I am still running around 99.5 degree temp myself. I'm sure the boys have missed my smiley, jolly self too:). But I am definitely feeling more like myself today, thankfully. I did end up moving both entire sets of blocks (plastic mega blocks and wooden blocks) to the living room and the boys noticed them immediately this morning. I think the favorite thing about the blocks so far is putting some of them back in the bag and then dumping them out again. It is so much fun to watch the play of toddlers, isn't it?

Well, must go fold the last load of laundry before the boys wake up.


Tonya said...

You sound like you are feeling MUCH better!:) Being sick makes you appreciate your health, doesn't it. I love that feeling I have after I puke! LOL! I go from feeling awful to feeling great! LOL!

Okay, that was gross.

I love the smell of laundry too. It's my favorite chore! Bleached whites, fabric softner, warm clothes fresh from the dryer. It's euphoric. I throw the clothes piles on Lyra's head and she wallows in them and says "wawwwmmmm" over and over. She loves warm clothes just like I do. My mom did the same thing with me and now laundry is my favorite household duty. :)

Jana H said...

Lea, I think you should write a book of all your adoption adventures. That or I could write it for you. I love what you said about the "smell memories." That was so sweet. I have those too. I like this blog thing. It's really cool.