Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27, 2007 Part 2

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."

Isn't that just the sweetest little quote by Don Herrold. I don't know who he is but I just love this quote. It was on one of the pages full of quotes that I purchased for building lifebooks. I have created a kind of entry page for each of the boys' lifebooks and used this quote on one of them. I used the following verse on both of them because I thought it was such a great way to start their lifebooks:

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16.

A very fitting way to start a lifebook, I think. So I officially have one page finished for each child:)....that is, in the latest style and size that I have finally decided on. I have already created many pages on line and am using that as a guideline for the prettier hard copy pages. It is kind of fun but also a bit of a daunting task. I'm not the most creative person, yet I can be a bit of a perfectionist, so it is a challenge for me. I am downright shocked at how expensive this whole scrapbooking thing can be.

Here's a random thought for you: Don't you just love "smell memories"? (Can you tell I'm feeling better today? I have even showered and washed my hair:). Yoo Hoo!) I am in the middle of a couple loads of laundry and, while I was folding clothes I was thinking about how I really love "smell memories" and how my favorite one from when I was a child is the smell of the soap my grandmother always had in her bathroom. I'm not sure exactly what it was but it was white, probably ivory or something like that. But, no matter where I am, anytime I smell that smell, I immediately think of my grandmother's bathroom, standing at that sink, washing my hands, and I smile.

I love the smell of our clean laundry. I love the smell of the Downy Mountain Spring that we use. It leaves the clothes smelling so fresh and wonderful. I also love the smell that wafts through the air when the white's are washing and there is bleach in the washer with them. It just smells so clean.

The boys woke up at 9:00 today, second day in a row. Must be because it is so dark outside because of the clouds and rainy weather. They went down for their nap around noon and are still sleeping, so I have had a nice break to get a few things done this afternoon.

It has been a nice and relaxing day so far. Nick is back to his sweet, jolly, very active self that I love and adore. Ben still had around 100 degrees fever but, after his motrin, he was running around playing, almost like normal. He is not quite as smiley and happy as normal though and I miss that...I'm sure he does too. Both boys are eating better today. I am feeling much better today too, even though I am still running around 99.5 degree temp myself. I'm sure the boys have missed my smiley, jolly self too:). But I am definitely feeling more like myself today, thankfully. I did end up moving both entire sets of blocks (plastic mega blocks and wooden blocks) to the living room and the boys noticed them immediately this morning. So I picked them each up a couple times and then finally decided to leave the plastic mega blocks lying on the fireplace hearth. They can still play with them but they are out of the way of the walking path. I think the favorite thing about the blocks so far is putting some of them back in the bag and then dumping them out again. It is so much fun to watch the play of toddlers, isn't it?

My sister, niece and mom are coming for a visit tomorrow. The boys and I were suppose to meet them at my grandmother's house tomorrow but we don't want to expose grandma to our illness so we will hopefully get to go for that visit next week. We have not seen her in quite a while, so I am really looking forward to seeing her again. It will be nice to have company tomorrow. Well, must go fold the last load of laundry before the boys wake up.


Tonya said...

You sound like you are feeling MUCH better!:) Being sick makes you appreciate your health, doesn't it. I love that feeling I have after I puke! LOL! I go from feeling awful to feeling great! LOL!

Okay, that was gross.

I love the smell of laundry too. It's my favorite chore! Bleached whites, fabric softner, warm clothes fresh from the dryer. It's euphoric. I throw the clothes piles on Lyra's head and she wallows in them and says "wawwwmmmm" over and over. She loves warm clothes just like I do. My mom did the same thing with me and now laundry is my favorite household duty. :)

Jana H said...

Lea, I think you should write a book of all your adoption adventures. That or I could write it for you. I love what you said about the "smell memories." That was so sweet. I have those too. I like this blog thing. It's really cool.