Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1, 2008

We have been spending a lot of time outside. We were pretty much out there all day Friday, except for nap time. We had a very fun play date on Friday morning. My friend has two sons. One of them will be three years old tomorrow and I think the other one is about 8 months old now. Her older son and my two really get along well and enjoy playing together. They had a blast running all around the yard and back and forth through the sprinkler-ring thingy that we have. They also had fun in the sand box and our little splash pool. The baby really enjoyed the splash pool too and he was very fun to watch.

Tomorrow we are all going to my brother's farm. The boys and I were going anyway to give my niece a ride home so we invited our friends to join us so they could see the baby lamb and puppies and take a tractor ride. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day.

Another friend of mine (with the twin girls) found a great neighborhood pool really close to our house. She and I went to take a look at it on Saturday and it is very nice. The membership fee for the summer is very reasonable. There are two slides and a diving board and they have a separate kiddie pool nearby that is fenced in and they have a snack bar with very reasonable prices. So we are looking forward to having a neighborhood pool to go to. Yay! I had been hoping for something like this. The boys are going to really enjoy it.

When we left the pool, we went to the library and I checked out several books on tape for kids. They are a bit too old for my kids right now but I wanted to take a look at some of them. I am finding that there are many many kids classic books that I have not read before and so I am looking forward to reading them with my kids when they are old enough. I have decided not to listen to these books on tape just yet so that I will enjoy them more when the boys and I listen to them in the future. When my friend and I left the library, it was storming very badly and we both got drenched. It moved through pretty quickly though, thankfully.

Today started off with some pretty awesome thunderstorms though. We held our breath on the way to church, hoping and praying that God would protect our car from the hail that was predicted for our area (He did:). When we came out of church, there were branches, leaves and other debris all over the sidewalks and streets from the high winds. We had heard reports of 50 to 60 mile an hour winds and baseball size hail had been reported in an area that could be around our house so we were not quite sure what we would find when we arrived home. Turns out everything was fine. My flowers (mostly daylilies), which look wonderful this year:), are all still in tact, which means we did not have the big hail at our house. We did have lots of leaves and branches down in our front yard but that was pretty much it.

This has sure been a bad year for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. When we got home today, my husband was investigating the various options for storm shelters that can be put in a garage. We may be buying one soon. I'm thinking it is not such a bad idea.

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